Tamba Sasayama Black Soybean Sweets Fair

Tambasasayama Black Bean Sweets Fair 2022

Exquisite sweets using plenty of black soybeans from  Tambasasayama ♪

Black soybeans are a staple of Osechi-ryori, the Japanese traditional new year’s dish, and Tambasasayama black soybeans are known as the highest quality.

The chewy texture of the large plump and the aroma of its kinako(soybean flour) are very tempting.  Moreover, Tambasasayama black soybeans are highly nutritious.  They are rich in isoflavones, anthocyanins (polyphenols), soybean peptides, and dietary fiber, therefore we strongly recommend to actively incorporate it into your daily diet.  Please enjoy the black soybean sweets that will make your body healthy and mind happy♪

Here is the list of the fascinating black soybean sweets that you can enjoy in Tambasasayama city!







Instagram campaign

<Campaign period>

Saturday, May 28, 2022 – Sunday, March 26, 2023 


<How to participate in the campaign>

  • Follow Kuromame Sweets Fair Instagram Account @love_kuromame
  • Post an image of the black soybean sweets you ate in Tamba Sasayama city with the hashtag  “#TSBBSF”!
  • An original eco bag will be presented to 10 winner by lottery!


List of Sweets for the Fair

Shop name Sweets name Address (Tambasasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture) Phone number


Instagram account
Sun Rice Kitchen Vegan Black Soybean Mont Blanc 319-3, Mukai 90-8335-6130 sun_rice_kitchen
Vegan Black Soybean Brulee
Baikakudo Sasayama Tart (Black Soybeans) 78-1, Tatsumachi 79-552-1311 baikakudo
Tamba Sasayama Foods Black Soybeans Monaka 131, Fukishin 79-594-4470 tanbasasayama.ice
Milk Ice Cream with Tamba Black Soybeans
Handmade cake shop
Black Soybean Madeleine 23-19, Sumiyoshidai 79-594-3963 aris1999.ooe
Tamba Black Soybean Pudding
Shishigin, Sue-no-Sato shop Black Soybean Pound cake c/o Sue-no-Sato,
3, KamitachiKui, Kondacho,
79-597-2173 shishiginsuenosato
Kokuzo Black Soybean Coffee Jelly c/o The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo 4, Kamitachikui, Kondacho 79-590-3633 kokuzo_konda
Daifukudo Black Soybean Daifuku 121-1, Kitashinmachi 79-552-0453 daifukudow
Nagomi Kobo Tamba Sasayama Black Soybean Pudding
“Kuro-chan & Mame-chan”
503, Kawakita 90-3847-4096 kurochanmamechan
Black Soybean Agar Jelly
Kumanoen Handmade pound cake
with Roasted Black Soybeans Kinako & Walnuts
456, Ajimaoku 79-594-0162 www.kumanoen.co.jp
Uosai, Uepara Black Soybean Gateau au Chocolat Holonpia Hotel 5th floor,

76-4, Nakano

79-594-2767 uepara_sasayama
Yukioka Ichirobei Western confectionery shop Tamba Black Soybean Cheesecake 13-1 Uoyamachi 79-558-7686 yukiokaitirobee
Tamba Sasayama Hyakukeikan Tamba Parfait 58, Nikaimachi 79-552-5555 hyakkeikan
Taisho Romankan Black Soybean Soft Serve
97, Kitashinmachi 79-552-6668 taishoromankan
Satoyama Kobo Kumobe Black Soybean Mont Blanc 2-1, Nishihonjo 79-556-2570 satoyama_kumobe
Shaved Ice (Rosted green tea  flavor)
Cafe Kamotte Black Soybean Souffle 91, Tatsumachi 79-552-0068 cafe_kamotte
Muffins & scones
fumu fumu
Black Soybean Muffin 24-1, Nikaimachi Facebook
Odagaki Shoten ODAGAKI Soft Serve Ice Cream
Black Soybean Kinako flavour
19, Tatsumachi 79-552-0011 odagakishoten
Black Soybean Warabimochi (Until August)
Cafe Miki Black Soybean Kinako Ice Cream 846, Gunge 79-552-3480 kissa_miki
Gobushisha Yamayu Tamba Black Soybean Pie 81, Agake 79-590-1261 ryoriyayamayu
Kuromame no Yakata Black Soybean Soft Serve Ice Cream 511-2, Shimoitai 79-590-8077 kuromamenoyakata
Sakamotoya Sugar-glazed Black Soybeans 101-1, Tatsumachi 79-552-1018 sakamotoya.shop
Natural yeast bakery
Shirokara Gofun
Black Soybeans Kurokko 2, Ogawamachi 79-552-8881 shirokaragofun_pan
Midori-kan Premium Bread 942-1, Higashibuki 79-590-1185 ja.tanbasasayama_midorikan
Black Soybean Cream Puff 15-1, Uoyamachi 79-552-0501 restaurant_anzu
Konishi-no-pan Bakery Konishi’s Black Soybean Bread 23, Uoyamachi 79-552-0052 http://konishinopan.net/
Sasayama Grocery Store Large Roasted Black Soybeans 54, Nikaimachi 79-552-1188 sasayamafoodshop
manie Black Roll 889,Hadakasu 795-06-4548 manie_sasayama



<Planning and operation>

Tambasasayama Tourism Association @tb_sasayama
97 Kitashinmachi, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture +81-79-506-1535


Tambasasayama City Hall Commerce and Tourism Division @gururi_tambasasayama
41 Kitashinmachi, Tamba Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture +81-79-552-6907


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