‘Fureai watermelons’ are grown in Oyama area. Watermelon festival is held in the precincts of Koda Shrine just […]

Townhouses「Machiya」 turns into museums   This festival is a collaboration of art and the historical towns […]

The Noh stage in the Kasuga Shrine was presented to the shrine in 1861 by Tadayoshi Aoyama Shimotsuke, the Lor […]

 Tambasasayama Black Edamame, called the phantom edamame, is available from 5th of Octorber, the day the ban i […]

【Nishiki Rhododendron Festival  for 2021 is canceled】 *Rhododendron (shakunage) are called the Emperor of flow […]

In 2022, Tambasasayama Black Edamame is released on 5th of October, the day the ban is lifted. Fewer black eda […]

The 61st Taki Mountain Range trekking season opening Day 【Date and time】May 5, 2022 (Thursday / holiday), 8:30 […]

About the Kasuga Shrine Autumn Festival The autumn festival of Kasuga Shrine, the guardian deity of Sasayama C […]

Basic information Postal code 〒669-2332 Address 31 Kitashinmachi, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture Map Vie […]

The tradition of cultivating chrysanthemums in the Sasayama region has a long history of more than 250 years. […]

Sasayama Yuri-en(Lily Garden) was opened in 1995. The 15,000 square meter site is divided into three parts and […]

≪Houkabe Shrine annual festival≫The shrine is also affectionately called “Gion-san in Tamba” . Because “Gion” […]

In order for more people to enjoy the autumn delicacy Tamba chestnut in the Tamba area, tourist chestnut garde […]

Summer tradition in Tambasasayama The Dekansho Festival is one of the largest folk song festivals in western J […]

Where to go to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of autumn leaves? Looking at the beautifully colored leaves of th […]

“Okina”(an old man) is a Gancho(New year’s morning) Noh play that announces the beginning of a new […]

Tambasasayama Yama-no-imo, or Tambasasayama Yam, is a local specialty of the city. From mid-November when the […]

Get a Kiccho at Sasayama Ebisu and wear a big smile like Ebisu!! Ebisu is a deity of business, prosperity, and […]

The spring tradition ‘Sakura’, which has been loved by men and women of all ages since ancient tim […]

The site of Sasayama Castle is known as one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in the prefecture, and ab […]

Under the guidance of the potter, you can experience a series of processes from setting pottery in a kiln to f […]

Event Information (Flyer available only in Japanese) 【Date】Saturday, June 4, 2022 【Schedule】 10:00-10:30 Tamba […]

Hiking in the Taki mountain range where primrose blooms A colony of Kurinso, or Japanese primrose, ranked B in […]