Ojiyama Park overlooks the castle town of Sasayama below and is famous for its cherry blossoms and autumn leav […]

Come and experience Tambasasayama food culture at the “Saba-zushi”(Mackerel Sushi )Fair”   Saba Kaido (ma […]

Please see the [ Pottery Festival official website ] for details. Sue no Sato Admission fee Free DAYs: October […]

Tambasasayama has the largest amount of tea production in Hyogo Prefecture. In fact, tea cultivation has been […]

During the period from March 19th to April 3rd, around the Sasayama Castle ruins (castle town) in Tambasasayam […]

≪Hata Festival (Sasaba Shrine annual festival)≫It is counted as one of the three major festivals of Tambasasay […]

Samurai sword fight and cosplay event will be held in Tambasasayama, as a celebration of the release of a film […]

  Tambasasayama has long been an area where crafts, including Tamba pottery, have flourished.The environm […]

The Tambasasayama ABC Marathon (former name: Sasayama ABC Marathon) is a full marathon officially recognized b […]

Get a Kiccho at Sasayama Ebisu and wear a big smile like Ebisu!! Ebisu is a deity of business, prosperity, and […]

“Okina”(an old man) is a Gancho(New year’s morning) Noh play that announces the beginning of a new […]

About the origin and etymology of “Dekansho” In the two volumes about Tambasasayama, ‘The 75-Year History of S […]

≪Houkabe Shrine annual festival≫The shrine is also affectionately called “Gion-san in Tamba” . Because “Gion” […]

Where to go to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of autumn leaves? Looking at the beautifully colored leaves of th […]

Tambasasayama Yama-no-imo, or Tambasasayama Yam, is a local specialty of the city. From mid-November when the […]

The tradition of cultivating chrysanthemums in the Sasayama region has a long history of more than 250 years. […]

About the Kasuga Shrine Autumn Festival The autumn festival of Kasuga Shrine, the guardian deity of Sasayama C […]

In 2022, Tambasasayama Black Edamame is released on 5th of October, the day the ban is lifted. Fewer black eda […]

 Tambasasayama Black Edamame, called the phantom edamame, is available from 5th of Octorber, the day the ban i […]

Townhouses「Machiya」 turns into museums   This festival is a collaboration of art and the historical towns […]

‘Fureai watermelons’ are grown in Oyama area. Watermelon festival is held in the precincts of Koda Shrine just […]

Tambasasayama Black Bean Sweets Fair 2023 Sweets for adults, “A little extravagant” but loved for […]

Hiking in the Taki mountain range where primrose blooms A colony of Kurinso, or Japanese primrose, ranked B in […]

Event Information (Flyer available only in Japanese) (The detailed schedule and leaflet are from last year.) 【 […]