The Historical Area of the Aoyama Clan consists of three storehouses and a Nagayamon (gate house), centered on […]

The main building of the Sasayama City Historical Museum was built as the Sasayama District Courthouse in 1891 […]

Anma Historical Museum and Samurai House is a samurai residence that was built after the first year of Tenpo ( […]

If you go to the west side of Ojiyama Park and climb the long stone stairway where the red Torii gates run up […]

Tamba is one of the six old kiln sites in Japan, along with Seto, Tokoname, Shigaraki, Bizen, and Echizen. At […]

Tamba pottery boasts a history of 800 years and is one of the six ancient kiln sites in Japan, along with Seto […]

The Hyogo Museum of Ceramic Art was established to promote the culture of ceramic art throughout the prefectur […]

The Ojiyama Pottery Center is located on the west side of Ojiyama Park, in the valley to the right of the long […]

Ojiyama Pottery was started in the first year of the Bunsei era (1818) at the end of the Edo period when the f […]

The Homei Sake Brewery, the brewers of Homei brand’s sake, renovated and maintained the 210-year-old main brew […]

“Konda Yakushi Onsen”, which was released in 1999, is a hot spring with excellent water quantity, […]

Sasayama no Mori Park is maintained as one of the six Hyogo prefectural parks, named under the collective titl […]

After the topping out ceremony in November 1919, the building was officially opened in April 1920. This buildi […]

A buffet restaurant that uses abundant local ingredients, and includes a product sales corner where local spec […]

Forest Adventure is an outdoor theme park that originated in France in 1997. The activities go from tree to tr […]

One-day kimono rental for sightseers. Kimono plan with a set of the kimono, obi, long undershirt, bag, socks, […]

“Unitopia Sasayama” is an accommodation facility that can be used for multiple purposes such as va […]

Original pottery born from the fusion of traditional and modern elements Gahougama Pottery: While inheriting t […]

Workshop at the Historical Area of the Aoyama Clan: Playing with Scents Workshops are held in the Historical A […]

You can make your own fragrance pouch. Blend any of about 10 different fragrant woods, put them in an original […]