Ryuzoji is an ancient temple that was established by Houdou-Sennin in 645. It is a temple that inherits the st […]

One-day kimono rental for sightseers. Kimono plan with a set of the kimono, obi, long undershirt, bag, socks, […]

It is an old keyhole-shaped burial mound in Higashihonjo, Tambasasayama City. Although the actual burial perso […]

This is the first educational facility in this region. It was established in the Edo period (1600-1868, the sc […]

  この投稿をInstagramで見る   ree0.0eer(@ree0.0eer)がシェアした投稿   Sasayama Castle Ruins Minamibori(the sout […]

Tamba Namikimichi Chuo Park is the first regional park in the Tamba region, serving as a base for regional rec […]

“Unitopia Sasayama” is an accommodation facility that can be used for multiple purposes such as va […]

A leisure spot where you can experience the nature of Tambasasayama. There are campsites, handmade athletics, […]

Kawaramachi store Kawaramachi street is designated as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditi […]

Entering the road leading from Route 372 to the foot of Yakami Castle ruins and Mt. Takashiro, which is old Ky […]

The Historical Area of the Aoyama Clan consists of three storehouses and a Nagayamon (gate house), centered on […]

With bicycles available at various locations in Tambasasayama City we are looking forward to welcoming you. Th […]

Kagobo Onsen (hot spring ) has a history of 800 years. Yu no Tsubo is a hot spring inn where you can enjoy the […]

“Senju-no-Mori” is a wilderness forest in the mountain behind Wadenji Temple. You can see and enjoy various ve […]

About Kusayama Onsen hotspring Kusayama Onsen is located in the northern part of Tambasasayama City, on the bo […]

The main building of the Tambasasayama City Historical Museum was built as the Sasayama District Courthouse in […]

Workshop at the Historical Area of the Aoyama Clan: Playing with Scents Workshops are held in the Historical A […]

2021.10.23 Cycle station opened in Tamba Namikimichi Chuo Park!   Hyogo Tamba Challenge 200 is set up by […]

Daily life with Tamba-yaki Pottery on the dinning table. Enjoy a little luxury time. This is a shop for Tamba- […]

  Tambasasayama has long been an area where crafts, including Tamba pottery, have flourished.The environm […]

Anma Historical Museum and Samurai House is a samurai residence that was built after the first year of Tenpo ( […]

You can make your own fragrance pouch. Blend any of about 10 different fragrant woods, put them in an original […]

Daffodils are in full bloom in Kita Sawada area. These daffodils are planted every year as a district initiati […]

Founded in 1916, this sake brewery brews the local brand “Shugetsu”. The origin of the name “Shuge […]