Kusayama Onsen Hotspring, “ Yamamori no Yu ”

About Kusayama Onsen hotspring

Kusayama Onsen is located in the northern part of Tambasasayama City, on the border with Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture.
From Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture, heading north on Route 173 for a little over an hour and reach Tambasasayama City. Then, you will see a signboard so you won’t get lost.


There are many places nearby where you can enjoy nature, such as a golfcourse (Otani Nishiki Country Club [Japanese]), dining and lodging (Otani Nishiki-so), camping site, BBQ facility, ground golfcourse (Yamamori Circuit [Japanese]), Mongolian experience lodging (Mongol-no-Sato), forest theme park (Forest Adventure), Sasayama Children’s Museum, hip restaurants, etc.


This place is also recommended for hikers as it is near the trailhead of the Taki mountain range (Nishigatake)!


About Kusayama Onsen Hotspring “ Yamamori no Yu ”

“Yamamori no Yu” is a day-trip hot spring spa located at the foot of the Taki mountain range, in the Kusayama Basin, which is blessed with the nature of Tamba region and the mountain delicacies.

The hot spring is said to have a history dating back to the Kanei era(1624-1644).
You can enjoy the open-air baths where you can make the most of the wonderful nature of four seasons and the saunas.

The hot spring water is dark brown in colour, has no smell and is salty to the taste.
When you get out of the bathtub, you can feel the minerals containing salt on your body, which is also the proof that it is a real hot spring.

At the top of the mountain next to the facility, there is the Otani Nishiki Memorial Hall(admission free) and a giant statue of Kannon.

FeaturesSeparate for men and women (indoor bath, open-air bath, sauna)
Efficacyburns, motor paralysis, bruises, gastrointestinal diseases, neuralgia, sprains, cuts, muscle pain, joint pain, anaemia, skin diseases, haemorrhoids, frozen shoulders, gynaecological diseases, constipation, poor circulation


Yamamori-no-Yu (former Kannon-Yu)
【Open days and hours】Mon, Fri, Sat, Sun, Holidays

                                           11:00am-9:00pm (Last admission 8:30pm)

・Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and hair dryer are available.

“Black soybean monaka” from Tanba Sasayama Foods and “Sasayama Cider” from Houmei Sake Brewery  are available at the shop. Ideal for after bathing


It’s a small hot spring, but the facility is new, clean and cozy to use!


Basic information

Postal cod e 669 -2704
Address 41-1 Ochikata Ishindo, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo
Phone number +81-79-592-0211
Parking Lot Available for 150 cars (free)
Access ( train /bus) 40 minutes by bus bound for Kusayama Onsen from JR Fukuchiyama Line “Sasayamaguchi” Station, get off at the last stop
Access ( car ) From the “Tannan Sasayamaguchi” Exit on the Maizuru Wakasa Express way:
Turn left at the signal right after the tollgate (you will see the sign board in front), turn left again at the first signal, and keep going straight at the
Nishdani intersection where the convenience store is o n the right. Go through the tunnel, turn right at the signal after the tunnel, and the next signal will be about 12km ahead at the Hongo intersection. Go straight about 700m, and you will see a sign on the right. Turn right and you will arrive in about 600m from the sign.

From Route 9:
There are 3 roads to come in to Tambasasayama. Ubara (from Fukuchiyama), Shimo-okubo (shortest), and Mizuhara (from Kyoto city). There are signboards from Ubara and Shimookubo, but there are no signboards from Mizuhara. From Ubara, lots of turns on the road, but it’s wide and easy to pass. When you get
close to Yamamori no Yu, you will see a signboard on the left, up the slope, then you will arrive at the back side of Yamamori no Yu. If you are coming from Shimo-okubo, the road is very narrow and cars need to pass by each other, but you can arrive relatively faster. There are two forks along the way, so please follow the signboards.

From Route 173:
Drive heading north from Ikeda, Osaka, to Ayabe direction
and turn left at the road sign on the way. Turn right at the signalised Hongo intersection and straight forward about 700m, then turn right at the sign on the right side, and you will arrive in about 600m.

Map View on Googlemap
Website Go to Website (Japanese)


Sales information

Business hours 11:00am – 9:00pm on Saturday, Sunday, Holidays,
3:00pm – 9:00pm on Monday, Friday

(*admission until 8:30pm)
Closed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Sightseeing spot information

Fee Junior High School students or above: 700yen
Elementary school students: 300yen
Infants: free

Towels (for sale): 100yen

*For those staying at Kusayama area, lodging, camping, etc., discount available.
Junior High School students or above: 500yen
Elementary school students 200yen
Infants…Free of charge.
Payment method (remarks) Cash only

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