About Tambasasayama

Tamba Sasayama is located in the eastern-central part of Hyogo Prefecture. Formerly known as Tamba State, this history-rich region has prospered throughout history a key transportation hub for travelers heading to Kyoto. This has left a marked cultural impact on the townscape and festivals found here.


* Please see the PDF version  of the latest Botan nabe guide. (only in Japanese)   History of Botan Nabe […]

Local wild vegetables cooked in own-brand soy sauce. In addition to sample photos below, we also have a large […]

We supply Kobe beef , Taj ima beef , and other Japanese black Wagyu from Tambasasayama City, where is the prod […]

“A healthy and well-balanced meal” -Gentle food prepared with care by the owner. Dishes are served on fi […]

Established in 1979, this coffee shop has been loved by locals for over 40 years. The coffee shop offer siphon […]

Tamba Namikimichi Chuo Park is the first regional park in the Tamba region, serving as a base for regional rec […]


Welcome to Tambasasayama City! Here are some information on parking lots in Sasayama Castle Town. A convenient […]

There are four major historical facilities in Tambasasayama. Here is the introduction of those to experience t […]

Speaking of the charm of Tambasasayama, it’s food! Especially in the autumn harvest season, many tourists visi […]

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