About Tambasasayama

Tamba Sasayama is located in the eastern-central part of Hyogo Prefecture. Formerly known as Tamba State, this history-rich region has prospered throughout history a key transportation hub for travelers heading to Kyoto. This has left a marked cultural impact on the townscape and festivals found here.


Get a Kiccho at Sasayama Ebisu and wear a big smile like Ebisu!! Ebisu is a deity of business, prosperity, and […]

* Please see the PDF version  of the latest Botan nabe guide. (only in Japanese) Table of contents ・ History o […]

  1. What is Tamba Sasayama Yam? 2. Not only delicious but full of nutrition! 3. Tamba Sasayama Tororo Ri […]

Where to go to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of autumn leaves? Looking at the beautifully colored leaves of th […]

You can make celadon chopstick rests that are traditional to Ojiyama Pottery, the traditional pottery of the S […]

A watermelon festival is regularly held at the time of harvesting around end of July or early August in the Oy […]


* Please see the PDF version  of the latest Botan nabe guide. (only in Japanese) Table of contents ・ History o […]

Fukusumi is the old post town (Shukuba machi) which is on the road that connects Sasayama castle and Kyoto. It […]

Ajima area is renowned for the tea plantation in Hyogo prefecture. You can enjoy relaxing bicycle ride through […]

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Tambayaki, or Tamba ware, is an 800 year old tradition that is still carried on today by about 60 kilns located around the Tachikui district.