About Tambasasayama

Tamba Sasayama is located in the eastern-central part of Hyogo Prefecture. Formerly known as Tamba State, this history-rich region has prospered throughout history a key transportation hub for travelers heading to Kyoto. This has left a marked cultural impact on the townscape and festivals found here.


Une is located right in the middle of the Tambasasayama shopping district. It was renovated from a tasteful bu […]

This is a complex of a coffee shop and an inn. Up to 4 adults per day can stay at the inn. The building is one […]

During the period from March 19th to April 3rd, around the Sasayama Castle ruins (castle town) in Tambasasayam […]

Popular cherry blossom viewing spots in Tambasasayama city! “Sakura” is a spring tradition that ha […]

Samurai sword fight and cosplay event will be held in Tambasasayama, as a celebration of the release of a film […]

About Kusayama Onsen hotspring Kusayama Onsen is located in the northern part of Tambasasayama City, on the bo […]


Come and experience Tambasasayama food culture at the “Saba-zushi”(Mackerel Sushi )Fair”   Saba Kaido (ma […]

Walk around Tambasasayama city in Japanese style clothes and enjoy atmosphere of historic areas.     […]

Konishi Bread Co., Ltd . was founded by Kiichiro Konishi in 1891 in Yura , Awaji Island ( cu rrently Sumoto Ci […]

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