A long-established black soybean wholesale store founded in 1734. The 10 buildings on the premises of the head […]

* Please see the PDF version  of the latest Botan nabe guide. (only in Japanese)   History of Botan Nabe […]

A well-known store that even celebrities come “Incognito”. Recommended for those who want to enjoy […]

Our specialties are Japanese hot pot and barbecue.   COVID-19 infection prevention measures certified res […]

  この投稿をInstagramで見る   Myuongsuk(@kobe_uu)がシェアした投稿 The restaurant will be closed when the soba noodle […]

With the motto of tune up your mind and body, we opened an old folk house café where you can see a healing gar […]

For Botan nabe, please come to Kai, Tambasasayama Local Cuisine! You can enjoy Botan nabe all year round. Not […]

Einkorn is known as the first bakery that invented the black soybean bread. The company was founded in 1975 un […]

This patisserie opened in the summer of 2014. The pattissier previously worked at a hotel in Osaka. With his s […]

The main brach of Kahei, one of the few Botan Nabe, wild boar hot pot, specialty restaurants in Osaka City. Ou […]

  Kuriya Nishigaki is the shop that specializes in chestnut confectionery. Open hours: 10:00-16:00       […]

We Get fresh meat all year round, because we are the wild boar specialty restaurant! A shop that appears when […]

Very unique Japanese sweets, creating flavors with the selected ingredients This store is specializing in tea […]

Established in 1979, this coffee shop has been loved by locals for over 40 years. The coffee shop offer siphon […]

The inside of the restaurant is spacious with relaxed tatami rooms and normal table seating. The second floor […]

At the north of the Kawaramachi intersection where old private houses remain,  you can find the Baikakudo whic […]

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Yukioka Ichirobei Western confectionery shopThe owner of ’La Neige Yukioka’, which opened in Ashiya in 2002, h […]

“A healthy and well-balanced meal” -Gentle food prepared with care by the owner. Dishes are served on fi […]

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  It is a Japanese sweets shop founded in 1897, just east of Tambasasayama City Hall. Daifukudo will soon […]

This is a store specializing in the creative meat dishes. We serve local Tambasasayama meat, such as Japanese […]

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We supply Kobe beef , Taj ima beef , and other Japanese black Wagyu from Tambasasayama City, where is the prod […]