After going through a small forest path, you see the Hyogo Prefectural Villa Shin Tambaso which reminds you of […]

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  A base for tourism and business. 5 minutes walk from JR Sasayamaguchi station. 3 minutes by car from Ta […]

It is a restaurant serving authentic kaiseki and creative cuisine that values ​​seasonal ingredients, located […]

The inside of the restaurant is very spacious and you can have a relaxing meal time.   【From the shop man […]

  A fusion of seasonal Japanese ingredients from the local Tambasasayama and Italian cuisine. The authent […]

The restaurant specializing in rice with raw eggs. How would you like fresh cage-free eggs on top of Koshihika […]

After the topping out ceremony in November 1919, the building was officially opened in April 1920. This buildi […]

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I was born and raised in Tamba Sasayama, and as a chef, I would like to cherish a time-honored tradition and l […]

A buffet restaurant that uses abundant local ingredients, and includes a product sales corner where local spec […]

The building was built 200 years ago as an inn. You can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and delicious food from […]

A food culture unique to Tambasasayama. TAJIMA BEEF and KOBE BEEF are the top quality Japanese black beef that […]

  Shishigin has 170 ares of fields. The fog falls in the morning, the wind blows refreshingly during the […]

■ Cuisine Botan nabe (wild boar hot pot), matsutake mushroom dish, edible wild vegetable dish, Kaiseki cuisine […]

Jinenjo-an soba is characterized by kneading Yama-no-imo (yam), one of the specialties of Tambasasayama, into […]

  Founded in 1908, located in the center of Sasayama, it has a quiet atmosphere, warm hospitality, and se […]

    Basic information Post code 〒669-2323 Address 125 Tatsumachi, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo Prefectu […]

A hideaway cafe on a hill surrounded by greenery. The scent of 90 different kinds of herbs and surrounding for […]

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Founded in the first year of Kaei(1848). We are creating a place that makes customers happy by trying new thin […]

A well-known store that even celebrities come “Incognito”. Recommended for those who want to enjoy […]

A long-established black soybean wholesale store founded in 1734. The 10 buildings on the premises of the head […]

For Botan nabe, please come to Kai, Tambasasayama Local Cuisine! You can enjoy Botan nabe all year round. Not […]