Sample Itineraries

Starting from Sasayama castle ruins, this is a course to cycle along the Kawashiro valley. At the end of the v […]

This is a course to fully enjoy the historical town view of Fukusumi, that is designated as a traditional arch […]

This is a course that runs through the mountains of Sasayama. There are not so many ups and downs on the road, […]

Tambasasayama City Tourism Pamphlet / Tourism MAP(Japanese only) About Tambasasayama… ◎ 1 hour from Kobe […]

This is a suggested route to see the historical area around the Sasayama Castle. If you like history, you prob […]

Konda/Tachikui area is located in the southwest of Tambasasayama city. Tamba pottery has been created here for […]

From Sasayamaguchi station, this course takes you around the main sightseeing spots in the castle area. There […]

It is an extremely difficult course that runs east to west through Tambasasayama while climbing Otawa Pass, re […]

Tambasasayama city is designated as a Japan heritage site. Enjoy the historical atmosphere while cycling aroun […]

This course takes you to visit some Sake breweries in Tambasasayama. First, at the Tamba Toji memorial hall yo […]

Starting from Sasayama castle ruins, this course runs through the best views in the Sasayama basin. You can en […]

This is a course to go through many passes in Sasayama in a north to south direction. The total distance is 11 […]

Starting from Sasayama castle ruins, this course runs through Yotaku-ji temple. The temple has a high historic […]

Here is the guide for sightseeing cycling routes. The distance of each course is written for you to adjust you […]