Explore the town of Tamba-yaki pottery (Konda/Tachikui area)

Konda/Tachikui area is located in the southwest of Tambasasayama city. Tamba pottery has been created here for over 800 years.

There are about 60 pottery studios in this area. You can see the climbing kilns, and some studios and facilities offer you the experience pottery. After the good walk around this beautiful area, you can relax at the hot spa.

Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo▶ Tamba Traditional Craft Park Sue no Sato

Yakimono Dori (Pottery street): The street goes 1.5 Km in the north south direction, and you can find most of the studios on both sides of the street.

Access to Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo: https://www.mcart.jp/global/en/access/index.html

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