■ Cuisine Botan nabe (wild boar hot pot), matsutake mushroom dish, edible wild vegetable dish, Kaiseki cuisine […]

One group per day, booking needed, campsite use only is OK! MUSIC FOREST is a guest house with private villa, […]

“Unitopia Sasayama” is an accommodation facility that can be used for multiple purposes such as va […]

    Basic information Post code 〒669-2323 Address 125 Tatsumachi, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo Prefectu […]

Village Maruyama is a traditional folk house which was renovated to be an inn. There are 2 buildings which wer […]

Founded in the first year of Kaei(1848). We are creating a place that makes customers happy by trying new thin […]

The owner has hand-repaired an old folk house that is over 100 years old. Limited to one group per day, rent a […]

You can rent a whole building, with 48-tatami-mat multipurpose room and a yakiniku facility Men’s and wo […]

A 100-year-old kominka(traditional Japanese style house) in a rural area got renovated, where you can see a qu […]

This guest house is located on Nikaimachi-dori, just a short walk from Sasayama Castle. * KURIYA and KOMEYA ar […]

  Founded in 1908, located in the center of Sasayama, it has a quiet atmosphere, warm hospitality, and se […]

This guest house is located on Tatsumachi-dori, just a short walk from Sasayama Castle. You can make reservati […]

After going through a small forest path, you see the Hyogo Prefectural Villa Shin Tambaso which reminds you of […]

Kagobo Onsen (hot spring ) has a history of 800 years. Yu no Tsubo is a hot spring inn where you can enjoy the […]

  A base for tourism and business. 5 minutes walk from JR Sasayamaguchi station. 3 minutes by car from Ta […]

Konda-cho which is rich in nature, is located on the western edge of Tambasasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture. Thi […]

Taos is a renovated inn in Tambasasayama City. (Capacity 1 to 6 people) On the bank of the river that flows th […]

Fukusumi is the highway where people have been coming and going since ancient times. Yanagi is an over-100-yea […]

Mori no Tokei (Forest clock) is a log house on a hill located in satoyama area of ​​Tambasasayama, at the star […]

  Real gel experience accommodation in the Mongol no Sato (village of Mongolia)   Click here for acc […]

The hot spring gushes out at Kusayama Onsen, you can also enjoy golf and ground golf nearby. After having fun, […]

The building was built 200 years ago as an inn. You can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and delicious food from […]