The building was built 200 years ago as an inn. You can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and delicious food from Tamba Sasayama.

We use a variety of ingredients throughout the four seasons. For example, at the end of autumn, you can enjoy Tamba Sasayama black soybean edamame, and in winter Botan nabe (wild boar hot pot) which was originated in Sasayama with the boar meat that has accumulated the blessings of the mountains. We hope that you will enjoy the unique ingredients of Tamba Sasayama such as Yamanoimo (Tamba Sasayama yam) which has a smooth texture with abundant nutrition, and Tamba Sasayama beef that has been carefully fattened at our ranch.

Please take your time to enjoy your stay until your heart’s content.




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Tamba Sasayama beef

The source of Tamba Sasayama cows are Tajima cows produced in Hyogo prefecture. Tamba Sasayama beef is a high quality beef of which we are proud. We grow the cows very carefully using advanced fattening technology in the blessed natural environment so that consumers can eat it safely.

・ Tamba Sasayama beef special sukiyaki   5,000 yen / person
Using Tamba Sasayama beef abundantly, we serve sukiyaki that you can fully enjoy the texture and taste of meat.

・ Tamba Sasayama beef teppanyaki kaiseki  7,000 yen / person
This is a kaiseki (traditional Japanese style cuisine) course featuring teppanyaki of Tamba Sasayama beef. Please enjoy the unique taste of meat from our own fattening ranch.

・ Tamba Sasayama beef teppanyaki set    2,980 yen / person
This is a set menu featuring teppanyaki of Tamba Sasayama beef. You can taste the proud Tamba Sasayama beef with the reasonable price.

・ Tamba Sasayama beef steamed set      2,100 yen / person


Tamba Sasayama yam

A yam that has been cultivated since the Edo period (1603-1868) as a special product in Tamba Sasayama. Unlike the general Yamaimo (Japanese yam), it is characterized by its round shape and large size. Being flavorful and nourishing, it has long been praised as the king of potatoes. It is extremely sticky, delicate and very digestible. It also has a nourishing and tonic effect and is recommended for a wide range of age groups.

・ Yama-no-imo Tororo Gozen (set meal)   3,000 yen / person
This is a set meal that you can enjoy Tamba Sasayama’s specialty yam to your heart’s content. We serve a collection of delicious and healthy dishes.

・ Sasayama whole bowl ‘Omtro bowl’     1,280 yen / person
This is a local bowl that can only be eaten at Tamba Sasayama. We put the omelet made of fluffy Tamba Sasayama yam tororo on the sukiyaki style bowl.


Tamba Sasayama black soybeans

Tamba Sasayama black soybeans are the largest grain species. They are cultivated in the field which are surrounded by the mountains of Tamba with its unique climate of hot day and cool night, and the water retention capacity of rich soil is contributing to the special quality of the black soybeans so much so that the Tamba Sasayama reminds people of black soybeans. Particularly, the taste of black soybean edamame is different from general edamame and is characterized by its deep sweetness and richness.

・ Black soybean croquette set meal     1,100 yen / person
This is a set meal that you can enjoy black soybeans unique to Tamba Sasayama in croquette. Please enjoy the warm and fluffy texture.


Tamba Sasayama Matsutake mushroom

Matsutake mushrooms from Tamba Sasayama, also known as the ‘King of the Autumn Taste of Tamba Sasayama’, are widely known for their fragrant and chewy texture.

・ Tamba Matsutake Kaiseki        23,000 yen ~ / 1 person  September-November only
This is a course meal that you can enjoy the abundant matsutake mushrooms produced in Tamba Sasayama.

・ Matsutake Udon Set meal                              1,800 yen / 1person               September-November only
A gorgeous and fragrant udon set menu with matsutake mushrooms. It also includes side dishes, pickles, and cooked rice.


Saba (Mackerel) sushi

Since Edo period(1603-1868) people said, “Saba(Mackerel) comes from Tamba, Tajima, Kishu, Kumano”.  Saba was transported to Tamba Sasayama, which is the middle point of the Saba Kaido (Mackerel highway) where fish and shellfish were transported from fishing ports such as Maizuru and Kasumi to Osaka to be eaten. At the autumn festival, fatty mackerel has been made into mackerel sushi to entertain guests as the best feast for any family. Please enjoy the taste of Tamba Sasayama’s hometown, mackerel sushi.

・ Tamagawarou special mackerel sushi    (undecided) yen / 1 person
(served from October)
The seasonal mackerel is marinated with vinegar to make a bar of sushi. Prices will fluctuate year by year.

・ Tamagawarou special mackerel highway set  1,980 yen / person
This set meal featuring special mackerel sushi.                          (served from October)

Wild boar meat dish

We offer high-quality meat of wild boars grown naturally in the mountains, in various styles such as Botan nabe, skewers and kakuni (braised boar meat).

・ Botan nabe         Extra Special  6,000 yen / 1 person
Special     4,000 yen / 1 person
We are using original miso made from Tamba Sasayama black soybeans. Botan nabe is a specialty of Tamba Sasayama.

・ Wild boar meat skewers                                           650 yen
Single side dish, goes good with drinks!


Other dishes

・ Four seasons set meal                                                 2,500 yen / person
Enjoy appetizer, sashimi, tempura, and chirashizushi. It is perfect for group dinner.

・ Hana Kaiseki                                                                 3,500 yen  / 1 person
Kaiseki(traditional Japanese style) course meal. The content of the meal changes according to the season. We accept your reservation for small groups.





Accommodation plan

You can enjoy your meal in the room. Each room has different atmosphere.
Note: the following prices do not include tax

Tamba Sasayama specialty Botan nabe plan (with breakfast)
Extra Special Botan nabe               15,000 yen
Special Botan nabe                          13,000 yen

Tamba Sasayama beef plan (with breakfast)
Special beef shabu-shabu              14,000 yen
Special beef sukiyaki                      14,000 yen
Tamba Sasayama beef banquet   14,000 yen

Omakase Plan (with breakfast)
Omakase Kaiseki                             13,000 yen

<Seasonal> Matsutake mushroom plan (with breakfast)
Special beef sukiyaki and matsutake mushrooms    21,000 yen
Matsutake kaiseki                   23,000 yen
Matsutake mushrooms feast             35,000 yen


Children’s Kaiseki (with breakfast) for elementary school students and up  8,000 yen
Lunch for children under elementary school age              6,000 yen
Children’s futon only (without meals)                                                                       3,500 yen
Children’s futon + breakfast only                    5,500 yen

Basic information

Postal code 〒669-2322
Address 32 Gofukumachi, Tamba-Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone number +81-79-554-2266
Parking We have a private parking lot, so our customers can use the parking lot free of charge.
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Accommodation information

check-in 16:00
check out 10:00
With or without meals with meals
Amenities yukata / bath towel / towel / toothbrush / razor


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