Kagobo Onsen Yu no Tsubo

Kagobo Onsen (hot spring ) has a history of 800 years. Yu no Tsubo is a hot spring inn where you can enjoy the serenity.

The Kagobo Onsen area has a long history, and it is said that the defeated warriors of Heike clan used the spring to heal the wounds of the battle.  During Meiji era(1868-1912), the Kagobo Onsen prospered along with Arima Onsen.

The Taki branch factory of Asahi Beer company used to be  in Kagobo Onsen area until 1966, and carbon dioxide gas collected from the mineral spring that springs from this source had been used for Mitsuya Cider.

Please come to Yu no Tsubo and enjoy the scenery where the hot spring steam rise up alongside the quiet mountain stream.

For reservations, please contact us by phone at 090-9097-9060 (in Japanese).





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Enjoy the four seasons

[Spring] The tender green is very beautiful. Sham(a type of chicken) hot pot and local chicken hot pot in the hearth are popular. (April-May)

[Summer] You can enjoy watching fireflies while listening to the chorus of Kajika frogs. Ayu fish dishes are popular to eat. It’s very cool and nice without air conditioning. (June-July)

[Autumn] This is the most beautiful season of the year. You can enjoy the spectacular view of the autumn leaves. (The best time to see the view is usually from early to mid-November)

[Winter] It’s time for an excellent collaboration of snowy landscape and Botan nabe(wild boar hot pot). The snow sometimes cover the roads, so please check the road information in advance. (November-March)







Spring quality, efficacy, etc.

Spring quality: Carbonated spring
Efficacy: Gastrointestinal pain
It is a cold mineral spring with a source temperature of 9 to 12 ℃ and is heated for bathing.

[Bath available time]
Until 10:00 PM
・ Time may change due to the convenience of our guest house.
・ Please refrain from using only the bath.

Meals and fees

Accommodation: 1 night with 2 meals from 10,500 yen per person (excluding tax)
Day use: bath with meal from 5,500 yen per person (excluding tax)
(Note: payment is cash only)

Since we would like you to enjoy your stay at the reasonable price, you are free to bring in alcohol drinks for yourselves.
However, please make sure to take empty cans and bottles with you.

For banquets or parties, please finish within two and a half hours after you start, and by 22:30.

Supper can be enjoyed at the 200-year-old folk house “Kimagure-an”.



1st floor: 2 10-tatami-mat rooms (up to 5 people each)
2nd floor: 2 8-tatami-mat rooms (up to 4 people each)
Accommodation capacity: 18 people

(1) We are particular about hot pots using natural wild boar meat and home-grown vegetables. The hot pot meal is made light with white miso.
From November 20th to March 31st, reservation is required, the farmed meat will be served after that.
(2) Comes with 4 side dishes using homemade tofu and konjac.
(3) The meal will be served at the hearth in a 200-year-old thatched-roof old folk house.


Basic information

Post code 〒669-2421
Address 79 Shitsukawa Shinden, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone number +81-90-9097-9060
Parking Lot Available for free of charge
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