Konda-cho which is rich in nature, is located on the western edge of Tambasasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture. Thi […]

Tambasasayama is located in the center of the Sasayama Basin surrounded by Taki mountain range and other mount […]

Taos is a renovated inn in Tambasasayama City. (Capacity 1 to 6 people) On the bank of the river that flows th […]

Shitsukawa is a roadside restaurant and inn, in Shitsukawa area of Tambasasayama. It is a Minshuku, Japanese s […]

Fukusumi is the highway where people have been coming and going since ancient times. Yanagi is an over-100-yea […]

A holiday house available for only one group per day! You can enjoy the nature of Tamba to the full! BBQ facil […]