Kaze no Oka, Farmhouse inn

Private farmhouse inn for 1 group (up to 8 people) per day! One-day use is OK!

You can experience BBQ and vegetable harvesting while being surrounded by the greenery of nature ~ Farmer’s guest house Kaze no Oka ~

Outside, there are two pizza kilns with different baking methods as well as BBQ, and you can also experience authentic handmade pizza!

(* There is an experience menu. For details, go to the website below.)

There is a spacious kitchen for BBQ, so even a large number of people can fit!

A room with a gentle wood grain. There is also an adjacent room.

A wood stove is also available!

There are a lot of manga on the second floor! Toys are available for younger children. There is also a tatami room.
There is an emergency evacuation staircase from the 2nd floor.


Depending on the season, you can experience harvesting too. (Photo: onions and blueberries)


There is the ‘Yamamori no Yu’, former Kannon Yu nearby (5 minutes away by car).
TEL: +81-79-592-0211

For details, please go to Yamamori no Yu HP >>>>> “Yamamori no Yu” (only in Japanese)
For more information, such as the charge of Kaze no Oka, please go to the Kaze no Oka HP >>>>> “Welcome to the farmhouse inn Kaze no Oka” (only in Japanese)




Basic information

Post code 〒669-2702
Address 488 Hongo, Tambasasayama City
Phone number 080-2547-5096 or 079-506-1113
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Website To website


Accommodation information

Remarks Day-use from 10:00 to 16:00.
With or without meals without meals



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