Jubei Chaya (Jubei Teahouse)

Entering the road leading from Route 372 to the foot of Yakami Castle ruins and Mt. Takashiro, which is old Kyo Kaido (Sanin Kaido), you will find a ruins of an Edo period teahouse on the corner(Yakamiuchi).

It was the junction of the road from Sasayama and the road from Komakura, and was used as a resting place for daimyo, feudal lords, from Banshu area on their way of alternating Edo residence and also general travelers during the Edo period. It was in Yakami castle town. Part of the building still remains.
In addition, there was a milestone called ‘Yakami Ichirizuka’ nearby, which was the closest to Sasayama castle town.

As such, it also became a landmark and a target for those coming from the Kyoto area.

The name of the owner was Jubei and it was where people passing by would smoke and take a break. There were several teahouses in the vicinity where people could casually enter, and
they would have been crowded with people.

Standing here, you can naturally imagine the bustling old highway route of the past.

It is designated as a cultural property by Tambasasayama City, and part of the building from that time still exists.
It is a valuable building with an Irimoya Zukuri, gabled roof, and Hon Gawara Zukuri, a type of tile-roofed construction combining arched and flat tiles, and conveys the prosperity of the old highway at that time.



Basic information

Postal code 669-2432
Address 576 Yakami Uchiko, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo
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