Tamba Cotton Preservation Society/Sosakukan

We started gathering with our looms in Kurikara district of Tambasasayama around 1973, and resumed the production of Tamba cotton, which had been temporarily interrupted for a while due to mechanisation in the Meiji era, and revived hand-woven cotton using traditional manufacturing methods. We work in our studio named Sosakukan. Please contact us for information about purchasing the products and factory visit.



Basic information

Postal code 669-2711
Address 1319 Kurikara, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo
Phone number +81-79-593-0922

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Sales information

Business hours 9:30am – 4:00pm
Business hours (remarks) Please contact us in advance when you visit.
Closed Sundays, Wednesdays, Holidays
Closed remarks Closed on public holidays

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