[Sasayama Castle Lotus] in the South Moat of Sasayama Castle Ruins






Sasayama Castle Ruins Minamibori(the south moat), lotuses are in full bloom from mid-July until early August.
It’s an endemic species called ‘Sasayamajo-hasu’(Sasayama castle Lotus), characterized by its pale pink color.🌷

The promenade is also beautifully maintained and recommended for walking or renting a bicycle.






A feature of summer that once disappeared

The lotuses that used to bloom all over Minamibori(the south moat) as a common feature of summer have suddenly disappeared around 2005.
The cause remained a mystery, but a local elementary school wanted to revive the lotus, and the city started an investigation.

They found the cause was Red-eared slider turtle’. It was popular to have that kind of turtles at that time, but at the same time many people dumped them into the moat.

Since 2014, elementary school students and local residents have worked to exterminate invasive alien species, such as red-ear slider turtles, and transplant seed lotus. Then, lotus flowers bloomed in the summer of 2020 for the first time in 15 years.

Please drop in this place where you can feel the beauty of the lotus and the thoughts of the locals who love nature.

Image provided by: Agricultural City Sasayama Alien Species Countermeasures Council.


Basic information

Address 15-1 Higashishinmachi, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo
Address description Southeast area of Sasayama castle moat
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