Sonpoji Temple

It is located in Shimotatsumachi and a branch temple of the Shinshu Hongwanji Temple called Reishozan.
In the 3rd year of Eisho era, it was called Sonpo-in Temple at Hioki, but changed the sect to Shinshu Buddhism and name to Sonpoji Temple.
It was moved to Yakami Castle town area in 4th year of the Keicho era, and 11 years later, moved to current location after Sasayama Castle was built.

It was destroyed by fire in the 4th year of Bunka era, and rebuilt two years later and continues to this day.

The carving of a lion in the attic of the front gate is said to be the work of Jingoro Hidari, and there is a legend that this lion blew out the fire in the 4th year of Bunka era, and this gate alone was spared from burning.






Basic information

Postal code 669-2323
Address 141 Tatsumachi, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo
Phone number +81-79-552-0133
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