Tamba Cherry Blossom Corridor

Tamba Cherry Blossom Corridor PR video (short version)


Tamba Cherry Blossom Corridor PR video (full version)



“Furusato Cherry Blossom Corridor”(Furusato Sakura Zutsumi Kairo) was a project to maintain a corridor lined with cherry trees for the purpose of preserving the safe and beautiful prefectural land, promoting interaction among local residents, and making use of rivers that are familiar to people as nature, by the department of land development(the public works department at the time) of Hyogo prefecture.
Over a period of about 10 years starting in 1991, we planted a row of cherry trees (about 50,000 trees) along a distance of about 170 km from the Sea of Japan to the Seto Inland Sea, Muko River – Sasayama River – upstream of Kakogawa River Maruyama River, together with local residents. Thus,“Furusato cherry blossom corridor” was completed.

As part of the project, the row of cherry blossom trees along the Sasayama River was the first to be developed and over the past 30 years, it has formed a splendid row of cherry blossom trees that runs through the city. It is well-loved by locals as a place to relax and gathering. Furthermore, cherry trees continue to be planted further upstream and in tributaries of the river by local residents to further enhance the river.


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