Masaru Takahashi Memorial Museum/Kenryu Miyake Art Museum

Masaru Takahashi Memorial Museum (1st floor)

Household tools, school supplies, and agricultural equipment from the Edo period onwards, which belonged to Mr. Masaru Takahashi’s house in Mukai, Tambasasayama City, are exhibited in one place.


Masaru Takahashi

Born in Mukai, Sasayama City in 1926. In 1942, he entered the Army Preparatory Military Academy from the 4th grade of Houmei Junior High School. When he graduated in 1945, he went to Manchuria (northeast China) and the war over. He was detained in Siberia from October 1945 to October 1947 and returned to Japan in November
1947. After that, he served in the Murakumo Agricultural Cooperative, and after retirement in 1981, he successively held positions such as board member, and left all posts in 2010.


Miyake Kenryu Museum (2nd floor)

The works of Kenryu Miyake, a calligrapher from Tambasasayama City, are on display.


Kenryu Miyake

Born in Nishiokaya, Tambasasayama City in 1917. After working as an elementary school teacher, he apprenticed to the calligrapher Saisui Ishibashi, and won numerous awards, including the 1976 Minister of Education Award, the 2005 Prime Minister’s Award, the Sasayama Citizen’s Honor Award, and eight selections at the Japanese Art Exhibition. In 1985, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Kenryu’s graduation from Houmei Junior High School, Kenryu Miyake’s solo exhibition was held, and part of the sales was used as a fund to create the “Kenryu Miyake Prize” . The award is presented annually in honour of those who have contributed to the promotion of art and culture and the development of education.

Admission fee

[Reservation required] 500 yen for adults (400 yen for 15 people or more) Elementary and junior high school students 300 yen (200 yen for 15 or more)


Basic information

Postal code 669-2526
Address 317 Mukai, Tambasaasayama City, Hyogo
Phone number +81-79-557-0202
Access (by car) Get off at ‘Tannan Sasayamaguchi’ exit on the Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway, drive east for about 10 minutes, turn left at the Yakami intersection, and turn right at the Hannyaji intersection. Follow the road for about 15 minutes, pass by the Kurumazuka Tumulus on your left and turn right at the first road on your right.

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