Gunge Pizza


A fusion of seasonal Japanese ingredients from the local Tambasasayama and Italian cuisine.

The authentic pizza restaurant  kiln baked pizza using the natural yeast!

The pizza tastes great of course!

But beyond “great”, the chef is constantly in search of “impressive,” “surprise,” and “exciting” pizza.


The chef is very particular about using local ingredients, meat as well as vegetables!

The fluffy and chewy dough, that is inflated with the natural yeast sourdough and baked at high temperature using a full-scale pizza kiln, is very popular among the customers!

You can taste and enjoy the blessings of Tambasasayama’s rich earth with all your senses ♪


The owner was an office worker until he opened Gunge Pizza. It was his hobby to make pizza and that’s how it started!

Gunge Pizza is a real kiln-baked pizza restaurant, where the chef is as cheerful and happy as an authentic Italian ^ ^



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Are you looking for a restaurant where…
◆ You can eat freshly made authentic kiln-baked pizza
◆ You can eat dishes using fresh seasonal ingredients
◆ You can eat pizza beyond the ordinary taste
◆ You can remember for a long time after your trip with the strong impact
◆ You can go to eat delicious food after driving
◆ You can have a non-standard specialty dish of Hyogo prefecture

It is the perfect shop for gourmet food searcher like you◎


These are particular points that cannot be compromised!


The dough is made using a natural yeast called sourdough, and has a refreshing taste with a characteristic acidity.

Ordinary pizzerias use brewer’s yeast and dry yeast but Gunge Pizza uses sourdough. It is low in lectins and phytic acid and does not cause upset stomach.

With a gentle taste characterized by a refreshing acidity, it has a gentler mouthfeel than conventional dough, and because the dough becomes soft, it remains delicious even when cooled.

Of course, no additives are used in the dough, so it draws out the best natural taste of the ingredients.


Authentic kiln baking

After receiving an order, we will bake the pizza in the kiln which temperature rises to 600℃ so that the pizza retain a firm texture and moderate hardness. Then bring it to the table one at a time, at the best state of melting cheese.

We warm the handmade pizza kiln which was built using local soil with the firewood, so that the dough has a better scent than baked in electricity or gas, and turns out beautiful in color.




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The image is the menu for May.


Sasayama’s ingredients are freshly selected by the professional connoisseur from pesticide-free farmers and local farmers markets.



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Original PIZZA using seasonal ingredients of Tamba Sasayama

The limited menu that changes every month with seasonal ingredients arranged to match the pizza

is addictive with a taste that can not be eaten anywhere else.

So much so that every month, there are repeat customers from afar for this menu.


Classic Italian type pizza menu

We also have a classic pizza menu such as Margherita.

Most of the menus supported by local customers are Italian type.


You can also order according to your preference!

” I don’t want you to add garlic.”
” Can you remove the onions?”
” More sauce, please” etc.

We can also handle orders and toppings to suit your taste!


Side menu

・coffee, soft drinks, alcohol


Great weekday lunch set

Weekday lunch sets come with soup or salad on each pizza.

It is a recipe that brings out the best taste of locally-sourced ingredients,
and we are particular about all the salads and vegetable garnishes in the set.

Since it is a simple seasoning with no chemical seasonings added,
you can feel the natural sweetness and freshness of vegetables and the taste of meat.

Sasayama’s vegetables are surprisingly sweet when baked in a pizza kiln! Please experience it.


[Menu example]

Today’s recommended pizza + (special vegetable soup or grilled vegetables) ¥1,300
Full set ¥2,000

Basic information

Postal code 〒669-2341
address 852 Gunge, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo
phone number +81-90-8529-1550
parking 10 spaces, free of charge
map View on Google map
Website To website
Facebook Go to Facebook page


Business information

Business hours (lunch) 11: 00 ~ 15: 00
Business hours (dinner) 17: 00 ~ 20: 00
Regular holiday Monday
Regular holiday remarks Open until 15:00 on Sundays,

Closed on Mondays
However, open if Monday is a national holiday, in which case closed the next day


Food and drink information

Reservation availability Reservation possible
Reserving entire restaurant Can be reserved
Method of payment Card payment (other payment) is possible
Card support (other payments) Credit card accepted
Other settlement * Party table for up to 12 people available
* E-commerce and bar code payment support

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