“ Tanba-yaki” pottery originated approximately 800 years ago and has played an essential role in people’s daily lives, as well as becoming sought after as artwork in recent years. Its distinguishing feature is its simplicity and absence of decorative flourishes. It consists mainly of tableware made for daily use, made with a view to being a part of daily life.
Practical knowledge about daily life was drawn on in making Tanba-yaki pottery, so that the finished product is easy to use, and to the touch imparts a sense of the warmth of the earth and of the people.

Tanba Traditional Arts and Crafts Garden
Tachikui Sue-no-Sato Pottery

Look, Buy…and Make it yourself !

An exhibition of famous historical pieces of Tanba-yaki pottery, an exhibition of works for sale from each of the local potteries and a Pottery Classroom where you can make your own original masterpieces from clay. Why not make yourself a new favorite cup or bowl for everyday use?

Address: 3 Kami-Tachikui Konda-cho, Sasayama

Tel.: 81-79-597-2034
Closed: No holiday
Opening Hours:10am─6pm(April-September),10am─5pm(October-March)
Entrance fee: 200 yen

[ Pottery Classroom Information ]

Trial Lesson: 1500 yen for 900g of clay; 900 yen for 500g of clay (In addition, a postage fee must be paid so that your finished item can be sent to you)
It will take about 6 weeks for your item to be baked and sent to you. Reservations are required for a group of 20 or more