Bicycle rental

With bicycles available at various locations in Tambasasayama City we are looking forward to welcoming you. There are two types of bicycles to choose from: electrically power assisted bicycles and small wheel ordinary bicycles. Why don’t you take a leisurely bicycle ride around the town of Tambasasayama? It’s a good way to reduce your walking time around town.


▼ Rental fee:

Electric assisted bicycle: 1,000 yen a day (Tamba Sasayama resident 500 yen)
600 yen for 90 minutes
Regular bicycle:       800 yen a day (Tamba Sasayama resident 400 yen)
500 yen for 90 minutes
Please bring identity verification documentation.

* Tambasasayama resident discount is a special rate for those who live, work, or attend school in Tambasasayama City. Proof of eligibility is required.

* We are sorry but we do not accept reservations for rental bicycles.

* Please note that due to repairs, all bicycles may not be available at all times.



▼ Rental bicycles: All for adults

・ Electric assisted bicycle
・ Electric assisted bicycle with two child seats
・ Ordinary bicycle small wheel type


▼ Rental location / number of bicycles:

(1) JR Sasayamaguchi Station East Exit, 51 bicycles in total

Exit the JR Sasayamaguchi Station ticket gate and proceed to the right. As soon as you go down the stairs you will see us in front of you.
Business hours 9 am-5pm

* Until 4:00 pm in November
* Closed in December, January, and February

・ 40 electric-assisted bicycles ・ 1 electric assisted bicycle with two child seats
・ 10 small wheel bicycles

(2) Sasayama Tourist Information Center (Tambasasayama Tourist Association) 27 bicycles in total

Business hours 9 am-5pm

* From November to February from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

・ 11 electrically power assisted bicycles ・ 1 electric assisted bicycle with two child seats
・ 15 small wheel bicycles



Location information

Postal code 〒669-2332
Address 97 Kitashinmachi, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo prefecture
Phone number +81-79-552-3380
Parking Lot Please use the coin parking lot next door.
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