Tambasasayama Black Soybean Sweets Fair2024

Tambasasayama Black Bean Sweets Fair 2024

Exquisite sweets using plenty of black soybeans from  Tambasasayama ♪

Black soybeans are a staple of Osechi-ryori, the Japanese traditional new year’s dish, and Tambasasayama black soybeans are known as the highest quality.

The chewy texture of the large plump and the aroma of its kinako(soybean flour) are very tempting.  Moreover, Tambasasayama black soybeans are highly nutritious.  They are rich in isoflavones, anthocyanins (polyphenols), soybean peptides, and dietary fiber, therefore we strongly recommend to actively incorporate it into your daily diet.  Please enjoy the black soybean sweets that will make your body healthy and mind happy♪

Here is the list of the fascinating black soybean sweets that you can enjoy in Tambasasayama city!

※Correction: ③Tamba Sasayama Hyakkeikan Closed days:Wednesday➡Thursday








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Saturday, June 15, 2024 – Monday, March 10, 2025


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  • Follow Kuromame Sweets Fair Instagram Account @love_kuromame
  • Post an image of the black soybean sweets you ate in Tambasasayama city with the hashtag
  • An original eco tumbler will be presented to 10 winner by lottery!



Tambasasayama Brand Product Strategy Conference ( Tambasasayama City,JA Tambasasayama,Tamba Prefectuarl Citizens Bureau)

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Tambasasayama Tourism Association @tb_sasayama
97 Kitashinmachi, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture +81-79-506-1535



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