Daikokuji Temple

Built in the early Muromachi period, the main hall combines Chinese and Japanese styles of architecture and houses two seated statues of Dainichi Nyorai and seated statue of Amida Nyorai, as well as standing statue of Jikokuten and Tamonten. These statues are designated as National Important Cultural Properties along with the main hall. The “Daikokuji Temple and Tamba Tea Festival” event is held in June.

Basic Information

Address 162 Ajima Oku, Tambasasayama, Hyogo prefecture
Phone number +81-79-594-0212
Admission fee Admission to the precinct : 300 yen
Admission to the main hall: 500 yen (only when the priest is available)
Website http://sasayama-daikokuji.com/index.php?English-1
Parking Available for 10 cars

Access Map


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