Houkabe Shrine Gion Festival in 2023

Houkabe Shrine annual festival
The shrine is also affectionately called “Gion-san in Tamba” . Because “Gion” is the name of the area
around famous Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto and Houkabe Shrine enshrines the branch spirit of it since the
2nd year of Tentoku Era or 958 CE.

Eight festival floats called “Danjiri” are led from each villages to the shrine and shaken powerfully in the
precinct, also the portable shrine “Mikoshi” are carried around by local men.


Once every three years, a puppet show called ”Dekonobo” is dedicated on two Hikiyama floats.
It was designated as a National Intangible Folk Cultural Property in 2005.


It is very impressive



Venue: Houkabe Shrine
By Train: From JR Sasayamaguchi Station West Exit, take Wing Shinki Bus to ‘Houkabe Mae’. The
venue is a short walk from the bus stop.
By Car: About 30 minutes from Tannan Sasayamaguchi Exit on Maizuru Wakasa Express way.
Event date: Aug. 5&6(1st Saturday and Sunday of August every year)


Basic information

Postal code 〒669-2414
Address 3-2, Miyanomae, Tambasasayama City,Hyogo
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