Karibaichi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1916, this sake brewery brews the local brand “Shugetsu”.

The origin of the name “Shugetsu” is “the round moon floating in the clear night sky”. We are working hard every day to provide sake that gently wraps people’s hearts, like the moon.
There are 12 types of standard sake products such as special junmai, special honjozo, and high quality sake, and several seasonal limited-time products.
In winter, the “freshly squeezed unpasteurized sake series” such as Asaichiban-shibori(morning first press)” and “Nigorizake”, which taste unique to fresh sake, are recommended. From spring to autumn, the Hiyagakoi(cold cure) series” in which unpasteurized sake are stored below 0°C to create a mellow taste is popular.
Please visit our company shop “Shugetsuan”, just next to our brewery, or shops in the city for purchasing products.





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[Directions to our brewery]
Our brewery is located in the suburbs of Tambasasayama City, about 10-minute drive southwest from the Sasayama Castle Ruins.
Ichiban Kura, brewery #1, is along Route 372 (Dekansho Kaido), and our store “Shugetsuan” stands next to Niban Kura, brewery #2, which is a short distance from Route 372.
You will see a signboard marks the store, please follow it when you visit the store.


Basic information

Postal code 669-2103
Address 500 Hagano, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo
Phone number +81-79-595-0040
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Sales information

Business hours 10:00am – 6:30pm
Closed 1-3/Jan.

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