Kimono rental Hanabishi

One-day kimono rental for sightseers.

Kimono plan with a set of the kimono, obi, long undershirt, bag, socks, and sandals starts from 4,000 yen a day.
Why don’t you hang out in a kimono in this Japanese tradition area

Kimono rental menu

Women’s basic plan 4,000 yen

This is a basic plan that includes a kimono, obi, long undershirt, bag, socks, and sandals.
You can choose your favorite color and pattern for the kimono.
It can be used by one person, and you can experience walking around in a kimono at a reasonable price.

Men’s kimono plan

A basic plan with a set of kimono, obi, bag, socks, sandals, and haori.

Children’s plan 3,000 yen

We also offer kimonos for small children, including kimonos, obi, socks, and sandals. The atmosphere of Tambasasayama, which is full of nature, will surely be a valuable experience for children. Create fun memories of your trip with your family.

Premium kimono plan 8,000 yen

You can choose from high-quality luxury kimonos. As with the basic plan, we have a kimono, obi, long undershirt, bag, socks, and sandals.

Option menu

Free of Charge

[Baggage Custody]

We will keep your baggage free of charge until you return the kimono. Please enjoy sightseeing in Tambasasayama.

* However, we cannot be responsible for valuables.
* In addition, the storage of suitcases is a paid option (500 yen / piece).

Paid Options

[Accompanied by a photographer] 90 minutes 15,000 yen

A photographer will accompany you to take pictures while visiting tourist attractions. We will give you all the shooting data.

[Hair set (with hair ornament)] 1,000 yen

We will give you a simple hair set according to the color and pattern of the kimono and the length of your hair. Hair ornaments and hairpins will be rented free of charge to those who use the hair set service. Advance reservation is required

[Return the next day] 1,000 yen

This is an option that allows you to extend the return deadline for kimonos. You can extend for  additional days with an additional charge of ¥ 1,000 per day.

[Business trip dressing] 2,000 yen per group

We will make a trip to your accommodation and dress you up. The color and pattern of the kimono supplied is not changeable.

[Accessory rental] From 500 yen

High-class kimono bags, and obi clasps. We also have items for cold weather such as a haori (coat) and stoles.

Basic information

Postal code 〒669-2331
Address 12-2 Nikaimachi, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone number +81-79-555-6850
Access (train / bus) 1 minute walk from the Kasuga Jinja Mae bus stop
Map View on Google map
WEB site Go To website
Opening Hours 09: 00 ~ 18: 00


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