Kozoji Temple

This ancient temple was built by Houdou-Sennin on the mountainside of Kurozuho in the second year of Taika (646).
At its peak time, it had a complete seven-structured temple compound and twenty-one residences for the monks. However, they were burnt down by Akechi Mitsuhide’s attack on Tamba. In the first year of Bunroku(1592), the main hall, Nishizobo, Kogenbo, and Senzobo were rebuilt at the current location. Its appearance is recognized as the Evening Bell of Kozoji in one of the Eight Picturesque Sites of Oyama.
The Sango(honorific mountain name prefixed to a temple’s name) Hokyozan(meaning the bridge of treasre) was named after the legend that Hodo Sennin saw a bridge of gold, silver and gems on Kurozuho.
The current main hall was restored in the sixth year of Kyoho (1721), after it was burnt down in the early Edo period.

The temple is known as a flower temple because the estate from the mountain gate to the main hall has many flowers throughout the four seasons: cherry blossoms in spring, hydrangea in summer, colored leaves in autumn, and camellia in winter. It is also one of the three main maple mountains in Tambasasayama.


Basic information

Address 276 Takakura, Tambasasayama, Hyogo prefecture
Phone number +81-79-596-0636 (only in Japanese)
Parking  Available for 60 cars and 10 tour buses
Admission fee Free
300 yen per adult (high school students and under is free)
(only during the cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.)
Access by train and bus ■JR Fukuchiyama line Get off at the Sasayamaguchi station, take a bus to the Oyama Shin bus stop,  2km walk from there.
■JR Fukuchiyama line Get off at the Kaibara station, take a bus to the Oyama Shin bus stop, 2km walk from there.
■Get off at the Sasayamaguchi station or Kaibara station, take a taxi for 15mins.
Access by car ■Get off at Tannan Sasayamaguchi exit on Maizuru Wakasa expressway, after the toll gate, to the right for Rt. 176, and then right again  to the north for 12 mins.
■70 mins from Osaka, 40 mins from Fukuchiyama
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Web site http://kouzouji.jp/

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