Kumobe Kurumazuka Kofun

It is an old keyhole-shaped burial mound in Higashihonjo, Tambasasayama City.
Although the actual burial person is not clear, it has been ruled by the Imperial Household Agency as
a Kumobe Tomb Reference Site (candidate for burial: 9th Emperor Kaika, Hikoimasu Prince, Tamba no Michinushi).

It is the largest tumulus in the Tamba region and the second largest in Hyogo prefecture, and is estimated to have been built around the middle of the 5th century (mid-Kofun period).

In addition to surrounding a moat with a width of about 27 m, there are two moats on the left and right, and traces of the agnes chow can be seen on the outside of the moat.


The mound that can be seen now has two steps and measures 140 meters in length, but it was originally built in three steps and the length of the mound is estimated to be about 158 ​​meters. It will be the second largest scale after (meters).

Fukiishi and haniwa have been detected on the surface of the mound.


Kofun President: 250 meters-The total length including the moat.

Mound length: 140 meters (estimated restoration 158 meters)

Rear circle –2-stage construction (estimated restoration 3 stages construction).

Diameter: 80 meters (estimated restoration 104 meters)

Mound diameter: 18 meters

Height: 13 meters



Width: 62 meters

Front part –2-step construction (estimated restoration 3 steps construction).

Width: 89 meters (estimated restoration 112 meters)

Length: 65 meters (estimated restoration 76 meters)

Height: 11 meters


Basic information

Address 782 Higashihonjo, Tambasasayama City
Phone number +81-79-552-1111 (Tambasasayama City Hall)

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