[October 5, 2023 – October 22, 2023] 46th Tamba Yaki Pottery Festival “Autumn Village Tour”

Please see the [ Pottery Festival official website ] for details.

Sue no Sato Admission fee Free DAYs: October 7th, 8th, 14th, 21st




Pottery Tour Market on October 5th (Thursday) – October 22nd (Sunday) 

From Oct 5th to 22nd, each of the approximately 50 potteries will hold various events.



“Saturday Utsuwa Market / Saturday Marche” on October 7th , 14th and 21st (All Saturdays) 

Kiln stalls will be set up in the Sue no Sato (Kamitachikui 3, Konda-cho, Tambasaasayama city)! There will also be stalls selling agricultural products, foods and drinks.



Charity Auction on October 8th (Sunday)

You can bid on works from 50 potteries in an auction format at the Sue no Sato Festival Square.


The emcee is Yumi Akamatsu (TV personality!) A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity.


Weekdays only! Stamp Rally

A new type of stamp rally using smartphones. There are many special prizes ready to be presented. Have fun collecting stamps at each pottery, Sue no Sato, Museum of Ceramic Art Hyogo, and Konda Onsen Nukumori no Sato and gain a chance to win fancy prizes.



*Limited coupon lottery: On weekdays during the “Autumn Village Tour” period, those who win the lottery at the Sue-no-Sato entrance gate will receive a coupon that can only be used at pottery galleries.

*Tamba-yaki lottery: You will receive lottery tickets according to the amount of your purchase (1 ticket for every 2,000-yen purchase) at the pottery. You might win a fancy prize!


Basic information

Address 3 Kamitachikui, Konda-cho, Tambasaasayama city, Hyogo
Parking Yes (free)
Map View on
Website Go to website


Event information

Venue Around Tachikui, Konda-cho, Tambasaasayama City, Hyogo
Open time 10:00am – 4:00pm
Contact information +81-79-597-2034
Sponsored by Pottery Festival Executive Committee


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