Sasayama Castle Town parking information

Welcome to Tambasasayama City!

Here are some information on parking lots in Sasayama Castle Town.

A convenient parking lot for sightseeing in Sasayama Castle Town

The area around Sasayama Castle Town retains many old-fashioned townscapes, preserving the local landscape.
For that reason, there are few dedicate parking lots for restaurants and souvenir shops because of the narrow space between the houses and many small alleys.
We recommend that you park your car at municipal parking lots located throughout city and enjoy walking around the street and visiting shops.

Fee structures

[All-day fee] Sannomaru West Parking Lot

 [Sannomaru West Parking Lot], which is closest to the Sasayama Castle Ruins, has the largest number of parking spaces available, and can accommodate coaches.

■Hours of operation: 7:00 to 16:00 Manned
■Parking fee [all-day fee]
Standard-sized car 200 yen. [Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 400 yen].
Bus 1,000 yen
■Capacity: 350 cars

It costs 200 yen even if you park less than an hour. For parking less than 1 hour, we recommend municipal parking lot, which offers free parking for up to 1 hour.

[Time-based rate] Municipal parking

Tambasasayama municipal parking lot is free for up to 1 hour .

■Hours : All day
■Parking fee
Free for up to 1 hour
・200 yen for 1 hour to less than 2 hours
・400 yen for after 2 hours to midnight of the day
・If you park longer than that, 400 yen per day after the next day

How to use
[Mechanical gate type]

It’s just like a regular parking lot. Take a parking card at the entrance and insert the parking card into the machine at the exit to display the parking fee.

If the card is lost, the maximum of 400 yen will be charged.

・Parking in front of City Hall Building
・Otemae South Parking
・Otemae North Parking
・Denen Symphony Hall West Parking
・Historical Art Museum Front Parking
・Courthouse North Parking
・Nishimachi Parking

[Collection box type]

Please check the parking space number where your car is parked, and pay parking fee into the corresponding number slot of the collection box.

・Kawaramachi parking lot
・Tatsumachi parking lot
・Minami Shinmachi parking lot


Free parking!

Ojiyama Park parking lot is free for all day and the capacity is about 100 cars.

Please drive carefully for some parts of the road are narrow.

Convenient for walking around Kawaramachi and Makekirai Inari.

There is space for coaches to make a U-turn near the top of Ojiyama, but no parking space.


Gunge Tourist Parking Lot (Tambasasayama Market) is free for all day and the
capacity is about 80 cars.

Large buses also can be parked for free.

As Sasayama Castle Town is a short distance away, free shuttle buses are available on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in October. It is recommended to avoid traffic jams and congestion.




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