Samurai Sword Fight & Cosplay in Tambasasayama

Samurai sword fight and cosplay event will be held in Tambasasayama, as a celebration of the release of a film “THE LEGEND & BUTTERFLY”, which was filmed at Sasayama Castle ruins. It’s Toei movie company’s 70th anniversary film, released on 27 January. Cosplayers are very welcome to join! See attached flyer for more information.

Samurai Sword Fight & Cosplay  Flyer


Event name:

THE LEGEND & BUTTERFLY” , Film release event
Samurai Sword Fight & Cosplay in Tambasasayama

– Gathering of Samurai Cosplayers


Organized by:Tambasasayama City


Date:March 21, 2023(Tuesday/holiday)



1. Children division – 11:00am to noon (reception starts at 10:00am)
*5 years or older and elementary school students (parent also can join)
*5 years old and preschool(must be accompanied by a guardian)

2. Adult division – 2:00pm3:00pm (reception starts at 1:00pm)

*Junior high school students and above


Venue:Sasayama Castle Ruins, Sannomaru Square
(Due to the weather condition, may be changed to Tambasasayama General Sports center)


Application deadline: March 14th


How to apply: Please submit the form bellow.
                           *We do not accept applications by phone or email.


Capacity: First 100 applicants are accepted for each children and adult division.


Conditions of Participation: Participants are required to wear Japanese-style cosplay. If you don’t have a costume, you can rent “Sengoku Bib” (500 yen for a fee).


Other: Instagram photo contest will be held. Please follow the account of “Inaka
no Mado(いなかの窓)” and post photos with the hashtag “#Tambasasayama Photo 2023(#丹波篠山フォト2023”. Gorgeous prizes will be awarded in
each category of “General” and “Cosplay”


Contact: IKUSA Co., Ltd. Phone number: +81-6-6395-6989
*Please tell us the event title when you contact us.
The event title in Japanese is “Chanbara Gassen Tambasasayama-no Jin”(チャンバラ合戦丹波篠山の陣)

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