Sasayama no Mori Park

Sasayama no Mori Park” is maintained as one of the six “Hyogo Prefectural Furusato no Mori Parks” located throughout Hyogo, and this park was established as the second one(July 2002). We aim to protect and nurture Satoyama landscape, villages and surrounding woodlands, with everyone’s hands in a fun way, as a place for culture, sports, and recreation activities to get close to nature.

With a mixture of natural forests of oak trees and planted forests of cedar and cypress, this forest is home to a wide variety of trees and organisms, and is a part of local people’s lives. This is the park where visitors can enjoy the seasonal changes of the forest and feel the richness of nature’s activities.


Facility contents

Opening hours: 9:00am-5:00pm
Admission/Parking: Free

Closed: Mondays (if Monday is a public holiday, the following weekday)

Activity base facility/Walking path/Charcoal hut/Komorebi playing field/Waterside park


Event information

Various seasonal activity programmes are organised by volunteer staff to enable local people to get to know and enjoy the forest and to think about the importance of the forest. Why don’t you participate in such programmes and experience Satoyama for yourself, with friends or with your family?

Sasayama Forest Park This month’s experience program (Japanese only)










Basic information

Postal code 669-2512
Address 511-1 Kawahara, Tanbasasayama City, Hyogo
Phone number +81-79-557-0045
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Sales information

Opening Hours 9:00am – 5:00pm
Closed Monday (if Monday is a public holiday, the following weekday)


Sightseeing spot information

Fee free


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