Shishigin (Sue no Sato branch)


Shishigin has 170 ares of fields.

The fog falls in the morning, the wind blows refreshingly during the day, and the air gets cool at night.

The crops are so tasty because of the rich soil blessed with good water.

From sowing to harvesting, we try to work on our own crops using organic fertilizers in order to reduce pesticides.

That’s why they are fresh, delicious, and safe.
Please enjoy Tamba Koshihikari rice, large black beans and the vegetables from our field.


・Shishinabe Udon 1575 yen per person
Enjoy a pot full of wild boar meat and udon noodles with the delicious winter vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, Iwatsu onion, and radish from our field. Plane rice and pickles are also included.
・ Botan nabe ¥ 3,990-5,565 yen
・ Wild boar meat shabu-shabu ¥ 3,150
・ Stone-grilled wild boar meat ¥ 3,675

Business information


Address 3 Kamitachikui, Kondacho, Tambasasayama City
Phone number  +81-79-597-2173
Open Daily April-September 10:00
October-March 10:00
* Closed for maintenance twice a year
Payment method Cash only

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