Tambasasayama Cycling ②–100km cycling

It is an extremely difficult course that runs east to west through Tambasasayama while climbing Otawa Pass, reaching an altitude of about 500 meters. Recommended for advanced cyclists with confidence of sufficient stamina.


Total distance 100km
Estimated time 4 hours
Difficulty Level ★★★★★


For your safety, please refrain from looking at mobile phones on a moving bicycle. Come to a stop before searching for information.
Please follow traffic laws, keeping safety in mind.


Red marking is the Tourist Information Center near the Sasayama castle.

Spots to visit

❶Otawa Pass

It is the ridge between Mitake and Kogane-ga-take. Said to have been a historical site of the Shugendō* era, a mountain road now passes through it leading down to the Nishiki area. There is an observation deck, toilets and a parking lot, and it is the starting point of the mountain climbing trail for Kogane-ga-take.
*Shugendō (meaning ‘mountain ascenticism’ or literally ‘the way of gen-practice’) is a highly syncretic religion that originated in Heian Japan.–Wikipedia

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