Tambasasayama Cycling ⑥–Cycle across Sasayama

This is a course to go through many passes in Sasayama in a north to south direction. The total distance is 113km, zip up to the high point of 2400m altitude. If you are confident enough of your cycling skills, please challenge yourself to finish.


Total distance 113km
Estimated time 4 hrs 40 mins.
Difficulty Level ★★★★★


For your safety, please refrain from looking at mobile phones on a moving bicycle. Come to a stop before searching for information.
Please follow traffic laws, keeping safety in mind.


Red marking is the Tourist Information Center near the Sasayama Castle.


Spots to visit

❶Steep slope spot

The first spot of hard steep slope cycling.

❷Mikuni toge pass

It is the hardest spot in Sasayama for the cyclist. Will you be able to reach the top without putting your feet down to the ground?

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