Tambasasayama Cycling ⑩ーSasayama Home course

This is a course that runs through the mountains of Sasayama. There are not so many ups and downs on the road, it is for median class riders. Deeply breathe in the Sasayama fresh air and enjoy nature.



Total distance 43.8km
Estimated time 1 hr 50mins.
Difficulty Level ★★★★☆



Spots to visit

❶Kumobe Kurumazuka ancient tomb

It is a large key-hole shaped tomb mound built in the early mid Kofun period (5AD). It has a standardized tomb around which is the moat and uses the rectangular shape sarcophagus as a burial entity. Armor, cuirass (chest armor), helmet with horns, swords, halberd and iron arrowheads were burried as burial goods. It is an essential Kofun for exploring the political system of the ancient Tamba area and its relationship with the Yamato kingship. In 1968, it was recognized as a mausoleum reference site by the Imperial Household Agency. Total length 140 m.


❷Sasami Shiju-Hachi waterfall

There are 8 waterfalls that never run dry. In summer, you can go under the waterfall to cool down and refresh yourself.


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