Tambasasayama Yam Fair November 18th-February 4th

Tambasasayama Yama-no-imo, or Tambasasayama Yam, is a local specialty of the city. From mid-November when the peak season of this yam comes, Tambasasayama Yam Fair is held so that many people will know the charm of this yam.

Please take this opportunity to purchase yams at Tambasasayama.


From November 18th (Sat), 2023 to February 4th (Sun), 2024

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What is Tambasasayama Yam?

There are many kinds of yams in the yam family such as Chinese yam and Japanese yam, and “Yama-no-imo” in Tambasasayama is a kind of  Tsukuneimo or Yamatoimo. It is round with black, rugged outer skin, and inside is fine texture and pure white color.

It is the stickiest of all potatoes, becomes fluffy when cooked,  and has a thick texture.

A traditional vegetable that has been cultivated and eaten since the Edo period(1601-1867).

The Tambasasayama Yams are planted in early April. They need a lot of care and are very precious, because the farmers can harvest only one from one seed potato.

From autumn to winter, you can see Tambasasayama in a thick fog called the Tamba Fog.
Around that time the large yam is harvested, so it is sometimes called Kiriimo or the Fog Yam.

The harvest starts around the end of October in Tambasasayama, and the high season is until the beginning of December.

There are many ways to enjoy the yam, such as to cut it into strips and eat them raw with ponzu sauce, or to use it as an ingredient of a botan nabe (wild boar soup), or to grate it (make it tororo) and put it on the rice or drop it in the soup to make dumplings, or to put it in okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza-like dish). The deep fry yam with seaweed wrap called Isobe Age is also recommended!

The yam is also useful as an ingredient for high-class Japanese sweets. It is indispensable for giving a fine and fluffy texture to the Joyo manju, which is a steamed yeast bun with filling.

Not only delicious but full of nutrition!

Being rich in dietary fiber, eating the yam helps to prevent lifestyle diseases and improve intestinal condition.
It also protects the inner wall of the stomach and improves the digestive function.
Also, it is said that eating yam is like taking a supplement, which contains a lot of vitamins, amino acids, and potassium that removes the swelling.

Tambasasayama Tororo Rice Set Present Campaign

During the yam fair period, we will distribute a questionnaire to those who have eaten and purchased yam at the stores participating in the fair.

Application deadline: February 4, 2024 (must arrive)

From those who answered the questionnaire, 20 people will be chosen by lottery. The winners are to receive the “Tambasasayama Tororo Rice Set”. The set consists of ‘Megumi Rice from Agricultural Capital’ which is the environmentally friendly Tambasasayama rice with reduced pesticides, and the Tambasasayama Yam. (Scheduled to be shipped in late February , 2024)

We are running a campaign where you can double the number of lottery tickets by posting “#Tanba Sasayama Mountain Potato Fair” on Twitter and Instagram and responding online !

Please take this opportunity to purchase the Tambasasayama yam.


Fair participating stores

Soba and udon

Hiiragiya Fried yam soba 56 Nikaimachi
Ajidokoro Mitake Main Store Wild boar meat and tororo udon noodles 683 Kurooka
Sobakiri Hanakoushi Yama-no-imo tororo soba 160 Kawaramachi
Unitopia Sasayama Yama-no-imo tororo udon /soba set meal 231-1 Yashiro
Jinenjo-an Tororo soba (cold) 947-8 Mananjo
Sasayama Sarasoba Nijiroku Tororo soba 19Kuroka
Tanzaemon Yama imo grated yam soba 209-3Nishiokaya


Single dish

Ohte Shincho Mugitoro Ohte Gozen set 71 Nikaimachi
Ryorisha Yamayu Beef tororo bowl set 81 Amigake
Tamagawarou Tamba Tororo Gozen set 32 Gofukumachi
Village Maruyama (accommodation) Tororo breakfast 30 Maruyama
Kakusei Small bowl of nigiri set 52Nikaimachi 
Beauchemin Yam and fish gratin (until the end of December)
Yam soufflé (January)
Odagaki Mamedo Tambasasayama Satoyama Risotto 19 Tatsumachi


Hot pot

Japanese style cooking  Hogyo-en Botan nabe 52 Kawakita Shinden
Tambasasayama Kinmata Botan nabe 81 Nikaimachi
fireplace open hearth Cuisine Iwaya Botan hotpot (2 people or more) 495-1 Hiuchiwan
Umetan Fuji Sumashi peony hotpot course with grated mountain yam 65-3Ofuji


Rice Bowl

Restaurant Sanmon Wild boar tororo bowl 116 Toukouchi
Ohte Shokudo Beef tororo bowl 55-1 Nikaimachi
Ajidokoro Mitake Wild boar meat tororo bowl 18 Kurooka
Tokusan kan  Sasayama Tambasasayama beef rice bowl 70-1 Kurooka
Sue no Sato Store
Tamba beef tororo rice 3 Kondacho Kamitachikui



Tamba Kurika Confectioner  Daifukudo Chestnut countryside/Tamamizu 121-1 Kitashinmachi
Tanaka Shoich soy souce store Yam shoucu 391-2 Ajima Shin
Hikoki Yam bread 41-1 Ochikata


Shops for purchasing Yam

Taisho Romankan 97 Kitashinmachi
Tamba Sasayama Hyakukeikan 58-2 Nikaimachi
Sasayama grocery store 54 Nikaimachi
Tamagawa Foods 55-1 Nikaimachi
main Store
65-3 Nikaimachi
branch store
65-3 Nikaimachi
Wadaei 95 Nikaimachi
Odagaki Shoten 19 Tatsumachi
JA Tambasasayama Midorikan 942-1 Higashibuki
Kuromame-no-yakata 511-2 Shimoitai
 ‘Minori’ market in Konda Yakushi Onsen
Nukumori no Sato
21-10 Kondashinden, Kondacho
Gosetsusha Yamayu 81Amigake

Event  information

Inquiries Tambasasayama Kuromame Section, Agricultural Capital Policy Division, Tambasasayama municipal government
41 Kitashinmachi, Tamba Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture 669-2397
Phone: +81-79-552-6580
Organizer Tambasasayama Brand Product Strategy Conference (Hyogo Prefecture, Tambasasayama Agricultural Cooperative, Tambasasayama City)

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