[March 19th to April 3rd] Tambasasayama Hina Doll Festival ~ Hina Matsuri

During the period from March 19th to April 3rd, around the Sasayama Castle ruins (castle town) in Tambasasayama City, Japanese Hina dolls decorations are displayed here and there with the cooperation of citizens and shops.
You will see variety of Hina dolls, such as Historical dolls from the Edo and Meiji eras, hand-made origami Hina dolls by children, hanging Hina dolls, etc.
Why don’t you spending a relaxing time strolling around the old castle town and enjoying Hina dolls?






Recommended spot

Sasayama Castle Oshoin (Kokin Style Hina dolls passed down in the Nakagawa family, a feudal retainer of the Sasayama domain.
Made in Keihan region, from the end of the Meiji to the Taisho era.)

Amma Samurai House Museum (Hina dolls handed down in the Anma family, made in the early Meiji era.)

Aoyama Rekishi-mura (Hina dolls handed down in the Kurizumi family, Genji frame (goten) style that was made until the early Showa period.)

Tambasasayama Historical Art Museum (Hina dolls handed down in the Aoyama family, the lord of Sasayama domain. Said to have been made by a legendary doll artisan, Gyokuo. The height is about 30 cm, and it is even larger including the pedestal.)

Ho-oh kaikan Hall (180 Kawaramachi)
Toto-an gallery (64 Nishimachi)

*Please be aware of the exhibition period of each facility.

Sasayama Castle Oshoin and other historical and cultural
facilities :

February 21 (Tuesday) to March 31 (Friday)

Tamba Traditional Craft Park, Tachikui Pottery Village:

February 17 (Friday) to April 3 (Monday)
Satoyama Kobo Kumobe :

April 1st (Sat) – April 10th (Mon)









Hioki area
March 19th (Sun) – March 26th (Sun)




黒豆スイーツ&カフェ sasarai (丹波路プリン 篠山のランチ)(@sasarai_tanba_sasayama)がシェアした投稿

Sasayama Children’s Museum
March 19th (Sun) – April 3rd (Monday)
Ichinono area:

Mid-February to April 3rd (Monday)


Hina dolls Festival special event, ‘Find the magic word! – save the emperor!”

A quiz event is being held at Sasayama Castle Oshoin, the Tambasasayama Historical Art Museum, Aoyama Rekishi-mura, and the Amma Samurai House Museum (4 cultural facilities)!

”One day, a 100-year-old mouse, Gon-no kami, appears in front of the emperor and empress, Gon-no kami was jealous of couple and turned the emperor into a mouse. Now, it’s a big trouble”


To turn Emperor back into a human, you must visit 4 cultural facilities in Tambasasaasayama City to collect 5 keywords, and chant a magic word! Let’s go on a journey to find the magic word!

Decipher the Sasayama dialect, find the magic words and save the Emperor!
At the last facility you enter, you answer the magic word you’ve found! If you can turn the emperor back into a human, you will receive a small gift. Why don’t you try it?

Please inquire at the reception of each facility. One gift per group.






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