Tohaku” ~Experience staying at a pottery artist’s studio in a village with an 850-year history of pottery~

What is Tohaku?

While “Nohaku” or farm stay is growing popular, Tambasasayama City has started “Tohaku” where you stay at the workshop of a potter who makes “Tamba-yaki” pottery, which has been in operation for 850 years.


Event dates

Accommodation: Shōyōgama (8 Shimotachikui, Konda-cho, Tambasasayama City)


May plan: From Wednesday, May 15, 2024 1:30pm to around noon on Thursday, May 16, 2024

*Application period: From Friday, March 1st to Wednesday, April 3rd


June plan: From Wednesday, June 26, 2024, 1:30pm to around noon on Thursday, June 27, 2024

*Application period: From Monday, April 1st to Tuesday, May 14th







2 adults: 110,138 yen (tax included) (capacity: 3 people)
Other cases
1 adult: 97,763 yen (tax included)
3 adults: 133,898 yen (tax included)
1 adult + 1 child: 103,331 yen (tax included)
2 adults + 1 child: 122,822 yen (tax included)
1 adult + 2 children: 116,016 yen (tax included)

*This is the total amount per group.

Price includes:
Accommodation fee (private room), 2-day trip proposal/guidance fee, experience fee, and meal fee (dinner and breakfast).
The pottery you create during your stay will be delivered to your home after firing.


*Child rates apply to children aged 3 to under 12, and infants aged 2 and under are free.


Tour plan example

The tour plan is just an example. You can also change the contents of the tour to suit your needs.



【First day】

From 1:00pm – Learn about various expressions of Tamba-yaki at Sue no Sato

After meeting up with Satobito Guide who knows about the various expressions of Tamba ware, you can explore various styles of Tamba-yaki at “Sue no Sato” where about 50 potteries are gathered.


From 3:00pm – Visiting each pottery that is rooted in Tamba Sato

You can visit the potters’ workshops that are rooted in Tamba-yaki pottery. You can take a closer look at one pottery, or visit multiple potteries that interest you.


From 7:00pm – After checking in, sit around the table with the potter
You will check in in the evening. Afterwards, you can experience the potters’ personalities and aesthetic sense while having dinner with them.


【The 2nd day】

From 8:00am – Enjoy Tamba-yaki pottery with your breakfast.
You can enjoy breakfast on Tamba-yaki plates. Please experience Tamba morning and the goodness of crafts that are close to your life.

From 9:30am – Experience the daily life and work of a potter
You can experience what a potter does every day, such as helping with work at the pottery and experiencing pottery making.

From 12:30pm – Free time to enjoy Tamba
The Tohaku tour ends in the morning. Afterwards, you are free to enjoy walking around Tamba-yaki no sato and purchasing products.




Yoko Nishikoji(@yoko_0329)がシェアした投稿

An active Tamba-yaki craftsman will be your tour guide.

At Tohaku, tour guides called “Satobito Guides” will guide you on the day according to each person’s interests and preferences. The Satobito Guides are mainly young craftsmen who make things in Tachikui. Therefore, you can listen to real stories about the area and pottery, and get to know Tachikui more deeply and enjoyably.





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Basic Information

Postal code 669-2141
Address 8 Shimotachikui, Konda-cho, Tambasasayama-City, Hyogo
Phone number +81-79-597-2213
Parking Parking available for 10 cars
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