Watermelon Festival by Oyama Community Market

Fureai watermelons are grown in Oyama area.
Watermelon festival is held in the precincts of Koda Shrine just in time for harvest.

Date: Saturday, July 29, 2023 (rain or shine)
      Morning market starts at 8:00 am
      Festival starts at 9:00 am
Venue: Koda Shrine compound, Oyamakami, Tambasasayama city
     (In front of the Oyamakami bus stop on Route 176)

8:00 Morning market open – watermelons and local vegetables
8:30 Application for Fureai Watermelon Contest’
9:00 Opening ceremony
9:30 Judging the watermelon contest
Application for ‘Guess Watermelon Weight’
10:30 ‘Fureai Watermelon contest’ results
(We are planning to have the presentation on ‘Watermelon Cultivation’ by Oyama Elementary School students)
11:40 Watermelon tasting
12:15 Festival Closing
* Contents may be added as time permits.
* The program and time may slightly change due to weather condition.


* ‘Guess Watermelon Weight’ has prizes!
* ‘Watermelon contest’ has award certificates and prizes!
* Local vegetables will be on sale at the venue.
* [Special participation] Watermelon grown by local elementary school students will also be on sale!

*We are also doing cheerleading this year.

You can’t miss the local traditional food, Tofu-meshi!

‘Community Kitchen Yurari’ was launched by the local women years ago as a part of regional revitalization with the local traditional food, Tofu-meshi, in Oyama district of Tambasasayama City, Hyogo.

In fact, the store has been closed at the end of November 2018, however, lunch boxes will be available for one day only in response to requests.

The following menus will be available in limited quantity at the venue.
・ Traditional food ‘Tofu-meshi (see below)
・ ‘Ofukuro-maki(meaning of Mom’s sushi roll)’ filled with delicious local ingredients from Oyama
Saba sushi (vinegared mackerel sushi)

◆What is Tofu-meshi?◆
It is a cooked rice dish mixed with other ingredients. The ‘other ingredients’ are boiled and crushed firm tofu, chopped burdock, carrot, fried tofu, and boiled mackerel as a secret ingredient, all of which are stir-fried in soy sauce.
It is a local traditional dish that has been handed down to three villages in the Oyama area (Choanji, Chonota, and Oyama Shin) for about 120 years.

In the olden days, Tamba Toji (sake brewery masters) took Tofu-meshi with them when they went away to work at sake breweries in Nada(part of Kobe) for their seasonal work. Tofu-meshi was also served at Choanji Temple for their Buddhist events.

It is said ” Where the people gather, Tofu-meshi is always there “. Even today, this dish always appears at sports event or ceremonial occasions. It is also on the menu for school lunches.

Basic information

Postal code 〒669-2803
Address 728 Oyamakami, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo
Address description Koda Shrine, in front of the Oyamakami bus stop on Route 176
Phone number +81-79-596-0001
Parking Near Koda-so

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