Yamaboshi, Kominka Guesthouse

The owner has hand-repaired an old folk house that is over 100 years old.

Limited to one group per day, rent a self-catering style traditional Japanese house. Full kitchen, equipped with tableware and cooking utensils. A kids-friendly inn with children’s toys, picture books, tableware, and toilet supplies.

This guest house allows you to stay comfortably without worrying about other guests.

Why don’t you enjoy “Tambasasayama Stay” where you can be surrounded by nature in a traditional house with the atmosphere of coming to your Japanese grandma’s house or the world of Ghibli?

The BBQ in the garden and the brick-oven pizza baking experience are also very popular!

Children, families, groups and foreign guests are also welcome! Our staff who can speak English and has abundant overseas experience will welcome you!!

Basic information

Street address 459-2, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone number +81-90-7766-3535
Email address info@kominka-yamaboushi.com
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WEB site To website

Accommodation information

There are many options and activities available.

For more information, please contact:   info@kominka-yamaboushi.com

Check in For overnight stay 15:00
For day use 10:00
Cehck out For overnight stay  10:00
For day use  17:00
Capacity 12 people
Please contact us for more than 12 people
(Minimum 2 people)

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