Tambasasayama Black Edamame Sales Store Map for 2022

In 2022, Tambasasayama Black Edamame is released on 5th of October, the day the ban is lifted.

Fewer black edamame will be available after October 25th .
At the end of October, black soybeans become hard and cannot be enjoyed as Edamame. Therefore, those beans will be
harvested in November to be cooked and served for New Year’s dish.

Last October, 600, 000 people visited Tambasasayama City and it was the largest number ever. Heavy traffic is expected this year as well.

To ensure that customers can purchase Tambasayama specialty products safely and securely, we are promoting our Internet sales this year as well.

We recommend purchasing at the online shop portal site, Ouchi de Tambasasayama (Tambasasayama at home)”. You can check and purchase the local products from various farmers and shops in Tambasasayama.

https://edamame. jp
(Japanese only)

Expected heavy congestion on Saturdays and Sundays. Weekday visits are recommended.
During lunch time, parking lots and restaurants in the castle town are expected to be crowded with people and cars.

🚗If you visit Tambasasayama by car, we recommend that you arrive before 10am as parking is likely to be scarce.

Please make a reservation in advance for restaurants or take advantage of takeout.
(Last year, many people had difficulty finding a place to have lunch, as there are many small restaurants that have reduced the number of seats due to infection control measures.)

Even if you have already been vaccinated, we ask for your cooperation in wearing a mask, disinfecting with alcohol, and avoiding the three Cs.

Detour route during the festival (to avoid traffic jams on Saturdays and Sun days)

PDF download

During the Local food festival month, “Aji matsuri”, the area near the Sasayama Castle Ruins and parking lot will be very crowded.
Parking in Gunge Tourist Parking Lot (free of charge) is recommended.

The free shuttle bus will be available on Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday in October.

* Green Slow Mobility (electric vehicle with a speed of 20km/h or less), capacity is 7 passengers, free of charge.

Sasayama Castle Town parking lot information

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