Firing your pottery work in the oldest climbing kiln in Tamba yaki (May2-4, 2022)

Under the guidance of the potter, you can experience a series of processes from setting pottery in a kiln to firing and removing pots from kiln, as a special occasion!

The charm created by the flame of 1300 ℃

The charm of firing in the climbing kiln is the transformation of the pottery when fired over 3 days and nights, with the maximum temperature of 1300 ℃.

The ash of pine firewood falls on the pottery, and together with the flame it creates the attractive colors and patterns.

Your work gets baked under the guidance of the potter, and when completed, it is the only one work in the world. It will surely give you a special impression and memory.

Oldest Climbing Kiln Firing: May 2nd (Monday) -May 4th (Wednesday), 2022

Firing venue: Tamba Yaki Oldest Climbing Kiln, Kondacho Kamitachikui, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture
Note: Anyone is free to visit throughout the day and night.

Schedule until firing

■ Reception of application, clay sales
From September 1st.
Note: As soon as the planned number of works that fits in the kiln is reached, the reception will be closed.(The reception is already closed for 2022.)

Bringing in works.   Please keep the deadline.
If unglazed baking is needed: January 31 (Monday) to February 6 (Sunday), 2022
If unglazed baking is already done: March 14 (Monday) to March 3/20 (Sunday), 2022

Place: Sue no Sato Pottery Classroom

■ Setting pottery in the kiln
Only applicants can participate in this process as well as the adding firewood during firing, and taking out potteries from the kiln as assistants.

■ The oldest climbing kiln firing
May 2nd (Monday) – May 4th (Wednesday)

■ Taking out pots from kiln
May 14th (Sat) 9 am-
Some works can be picked up.

■ Picking up of your works
May 15th (Sun) – May 21st (Sat)
At the Sue no Sato Office

Note: Sue no Sato Reception hours are 10: 00-16: 00. Please see the Sue no Sato website (only in Japanese)for details.


Eligible Applicants

★Pottery classes, etc … Participants of the ceramic art class at lifelong education groups, etc.
Participants of private pottery classes, etc.
★University students, etc… Students of Ceramic art major course at universities and vocational schools
★Individuals … Ceramic lovers, ceramic artists, and others who are interested in ceramics

Number of works

As a general rule, the number of works is one per person for every 10 kg of Tamba clay.
(In the case of multiple pieces, unglazed baking fee and climbing kiln firing fee are required besides the clay fee.)

Participation fee

① Tamba clay (10kg) 2,000 yen
② Unglazed baking fee 1,000 yen (not required if you do this process yourself)
③ Climbing kiln firing fee (including glazing)
・ Total sum of the length, width and height is 100 cm or less       3,000 yen
・Total sum of the length, width and height is more than 100 cm    5,000 yen
(Maximum size is the length 50cm, widths 50cm, height 60cm)

Note①: Please use only Tamba clay arranged by the Tamba Tachikui Pottery Cooperative (Sue no Sato).
Note②: Applications will be accepted when purchasing clay (clay fee required).
Note③: Please pay the unglazed baking fee and the climbing kiln firing fee when you bring in the work.

Please note when you produce …

If you would like your work to be sent after the firing, it will be Cash On Delivery or Payment On Delivery.
Please make a large item. Items with no height such as plates, small items such as teacups and teacups, and works with protrusions cannot be accepted due to the possible damage.
Please note that in case unglazed baking work got damaged due to our responsibility, a substitute will be provided.
As a general rule, you should bring in your own work and pick it up (Sending by mail is not acceptable).
Your work will be shipped after the work collection deadline (May 21st). You will be responsible for the shipping costs.


Regarding the Sue no Sato admission fee

Admission is free only for purchasing clay, applying for participation, bringing in works, and picking up finished products.
Please let the staff know at the ticket office.

Important Notice

We will take all possible measures to handle the work, but we will not be responsible for any accidents or damage caused by natural disasters or other force majeure.
The firing is done under the guidance of potters, and the creator of the work can put in firewood.
Please note that there are some possibilities that the work may be damaged, or the firing condition may not be even.
Thank you for your understanding.


How to apply

You can download the application form here . (in Japanese only. Application time is over for 2020.)
Please fill in the necessary information and apply to the Sue no Sato Pottery Classroom when purchasing clay.
You can apply by fax or email only if you wish to receive clay by mail (payment on delivery or cash on delivery).


Organizer / co-organizer

Tamba Tachikui Pottery Cooperative

Tambasasayama City
The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo
Tamba Yaki no Sato Revitalization Promotion Committee

Basic information

Post code 〒669-2135
Address 3 Kondacho Kamitachikui, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture (inside the Sue no Sato)
Phone number +81-79-597-2034
Fax number +81-79-597-3232
Parking Free of charge, available for 52 ordinary cars and 5 large buses
Access (train / bus) Get off at the Aino station on JR Fukuchiyama Line.
Take the Shinki Bus bound for Kiyomizu or Hyogo Togei Bijutsukan(Hyogo Ceramic Art Museum) from the station (It takes abut 10 minutes).
Get off at Sue no Sato Mae.
Alternatively, get off at Tachikui Kokaido mae(Tachikui Public Hall) and walk for 5 minutes.
Access (car) ・About 10 minutes by car from Sanda Nishi Exit on the Maizuru Wakasa Expressway.
・About 20 minutes by car from Tannan-Sasayamaguchi Exit on the Maizuru Wakasa Expressway.
・From Takino Yashiro exit on Chugoku Expressway then on Route 372 to the east for about 30 minutes.
・From the Hanshin area, head north on Route 176, turn left at the Yotsutsuji traffic light in Sanda City, and about 20 minutes from Sanda.
View on Google map
Website To the official website(in Japanese only)
Sue no Sato (English)


Business information

Business hours 10: 00 – 17: 00
Regular holiday Tuesday

Event information

Inquiries Tamba Tachikui Ceramics Cooperative
Reception hours 10: 00 ~ 16: 00

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