“Sakura Matsuri” (Tambasasayama Cherry Blossom Festival)/Spring Taste Festival

Tambasasayama, a city of cherry blossoms.

The city tree of Tambasasayama City is the Cherry blossom tree, which are carefully protected by the local community.
The Sakura Matsuri (Tambasasayama Cherry Blossom Festival) will be held so that as many people as possible can enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms in various places around the city.


Tambasasayama City Cherry Blossom Blooming information

The Cherry blossom reference tree in Tambasasayama City is located at the entrance of the Sasayama Castle ruins.

Current flowering on April 13, 2024 information / Cherry blossoms are starting to fall. 

Please check the official SNS for the latest bloom information.





There are many events during the Sakura Festival♪

Sakura Value Eats will be held from March 30th to April 7th!

In order for visitors to enjoy the cherry blossoms in the city, Cherry Blossom Viewing Bentos and sweets [on sale for a limited time or with special offers] will be available at various stores throughout the city♪

*The seating capacity in restaurants in Tambasasayama is not very large, and during the cherry blossom season, the restaurants are often very crowded and many people cannot find a place to have lunch. We recommend that you either make reservations in advance or use a take-out service.


In order for visitors to enjoy the cherry blossoms in the city, Cherry Blossom Viewing Bentos and sweets [on sale for a limited time or with special offers] will be available at various stores throughout the city♪

*The seating capacity in restaurants in Tambasasayama is not very large, and during the cherry blossom season, the restaurants are often very crowded and many people cannot find a place to have lunch. We recommend that you either make reservations in advance or use a take-out service.


Participating stores and benefits in 2024

store information Products for sale
Taisho Romankan
97 Kitashinmachi
[Open during the whole period] Sakura Roman Bento (in-store), strawberry sweets from Tambasasayama (in-store, take-out OK). The two-tiered cherry blossom viewing Bento is only available for four days: March 30th, 31st, April 6th, and 7th. (take-out)
Daifukudo Honten
[Closed on April 2nd] Buy the cherry blossom viewing set (Hanami dango, Sakura mochi) and get a discount coupon! (take-out)
39-38 Nikaimachi
[Closed on April 3rd] To go with cherry blossom viewing. Sakura mochi, Hanami dango (take-out)
Handmade soba noodles Hiiragiya
56 Nikaimachi
[Open during whole period] Freshly ground, freshly made, and freshly boiled. For Sarasoba orders, Raw Yuba will be complimentary. (in-store dining)
Tambasasayama Kushiyaki Hachibei
82 Nikaimachi
[Closed on April 3rd and 4th] Cherry blossom viewing bento (3,000 yen) Reservation required 2 days in advance (take-out)
Tokusankan Sasayama
70-1 Kurooka
[Closed on April 3rd] Limited time sale! Cherry blossom viewing bento (take-out), Mumonsen Bento (Sakura rice, in-store dining)
Yukioka Ichirobee Western Confectionery Shop
13-1 Uoyamachi
[Closed on April 1st and 2nd] Limited time sale! Sakura Roll cake with cherry blossom flavored cream wrapped in a fluffy sponge cake (take-out)
Western restaurant Anzu
15-1 Uoyamachi
[Closed on April 2nd and 3rd] Limited time sale! Sakura cream sauce omelet rice with Sasayama rice and Tamba Chicken eggs (take-out)
Odagaki Mamedo
19 Tatsumachi
[Closed on April 4th] Limited time sale! A special version of the popular soft-served ice cream parfait with sprinkled cherry blossoms (in-store dining)
101-1 Tatsumachi
[Closed on March 30th and April 6th] Grilled rice balls (take-out) that you can fully enjoy the delicious taste of rice made by the rice shop.
Gunge Pizza
852 Gunge
[Closed on April 1st and 2nd] Limited time sale! Dessert pizza made with plenty of Tabuchi Farm’s strawberries “Akihime” (in-store dining)
Cafe Miki
846 Gunge
[Open during whole period] Limited time sale! Strawberry creamy Dorayaki with seasonal strawberries, red bean paste and whipped cream inside.
Kappo cuisine Uosei
56-1 Hioki
[Open during whole period] Haru-Ranman (Spring in full bloom) Chirashizushi 2-tier bento (reservation required, in-store, take-out OK)
Black soybean sweets & cafe sasarai
397 Hioki
[Open during whole period] Limited time sale! Sakura-mochi flavored popular Tambaji pudding. Pudding with cherry blossom scented jelly, white azuki beans, and gyuhi* (in-store, take-out OK)

* Gyuhi is one of the ingredients of Japanese confectionery, made by kneading white bean flour or rice cake flour with sugar or syrup.

Sun Rice Kitchen
319-3 Mukai
[Closed on March 31st, April 1st, 4th, 5th] Limited time sale! Cherry blossom viewing Bento & cherry blossom sweets (in-store, take-out OK)
Okumo Tamba Black Bean Meat Chimaki
26 Fukui
[Closed on April 1st and 2nd] Sakura Mala Khao (Chinese-style steamed bread) made by a Taiwanese chimaki* specialist (in-store, take-out)

*Chimaki is a steamed glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves.

Tamba Tabuchi Farm
158-3 Kuchi Sakamoto
[Open on April 1st, 2nd, 3rd] Special sale! Freshly picked strawberries and black soybean rice set (take-out)
Fresh Fish dishes Hogyoen
52 Kawakita Shinden
[Closed on April 1st and 2nd] Hogyoen Special Cherry blossom viewing Bento, 3 types of sashimi, tempura, stew, rice for 1,836 yen (take-out)
tanoshic resort Nishikiso
(formerly known as Kusayama Onsen Otani Nishikiso)
122-1 Ochikata
[Open during whole period] Cherry blossom viewing lunch Box (take-out)
Ryorisha Yamayu
Gosetsusha Yamayu
81 Agake
[Closed on April 2nd] Limited time sale! Black soybean sushi “Sakura-iro no Oinari-san” (take-out)
(Tambasasayama Square)
JR Sasayamaguchi Station 2F
[Open only March 30th, 31th, April 4th] Limited time sale! New Dekansho Bento (Black soybean rice)
Sandaya Sasayama Inter store
1815-1 Hgashiibuki
Closed on April 4th] Japanese wagyu beef lunch course (dine-in), while looking at the cherry blossoms from inside the store.
Suwaen Inter store
[Closed on April 3rd] To go with cherry blossom viewing: Sakura mochi, Hana dango[dumpling] (take-out)
Suwaen Honten
1463 Ajimaoku
[Closed on April 3rd] To go with cherry blossom viewing: Sakura mochi, Hana dango[dumpling] (take-out)

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Spring Taste Festival [Haru-no-Ajimatsuri] will be held on April 6th and 7th!

As the finale of the Tambasasayama Cherry Blossom Festival, held during the cherry blossom season, the Spring Taste Festival will be held again this year. A great treasure trove of delicious foods from Tambasasayama will be there!  Many popular restaurants in Tambasasayama will be participating. The market where you can buy Tamba ware pottery and natural wood is also popular. You can use the wood for your DIY project.

[Spring Taste Festival (Sakura Festival)]

 Date: Saturday, April 6th and Sunday, April 7th, 2024
Time: 10:00am-4:00pm
Venue: Denen Symphony Hall west parking lot

Items from popular stores located on the outskirts of Tambasasayama City, which can only be visited by car, will be gathered in the castle town. This event is a good opportunity for you to purchase items that are usually hard to get. Even if you haven’t visited the shops before, this encounter may make you want to visit them in the future.

Store name Product contents
Tourism Association Headquarters Lottery, tourist information, map/flyer distribution
Asahi beer It’s a different level of crispness! Asahi Beer, a Japanese beer.
Sasayama Timber Cooperative Renowned wood, unusual wood from Tambasasayama City, and wood products
Holonpia Hotel Uepara special cherry blossom viewing bento
Ryorisha Yamayu Tambasasayama specialty yama-no-imo soba, Oinari-san
Kushiyaki Hachibei Yomogi mochi (Japanese Mugwort flavored mochi) Mitarashi dango(skewered rice dumplings in a sweet soy glaze), spring obanzai (boiled vegetables and marinated food)
MANTRA Nepali curry with naan, Nepali curry with rice, gapao rice
Sun Rice Kitchen Seasonal TAMATEBAKO Bento (cherry blossom viewing version), black soybean Mont Blanc cake, cherry blossom flavored raw cheesecake, flower cake, rice flour baked goods
Ohmiya Botan(boar) soup and yakibotan (boar yakiniku) from a wholesaler specializing in boar meat
Homei Sake Brewery Freshly squeezed new sake! Local sake (sake, shochu, liqueur), sake lees
Yukioka Ichirobee Western Confectionery Store Sakura roll cake, madeleine, financier, baked donut
Karibaichi Sake Brewery Local sake Shugetsu [Tasting and sale] Sake, pickled vegetables in sake lees, sake lees
Tanzan kiln Tamba ware
Linda Menda Chinese noodles
Junior Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tacos, taco rice, baked sweet potato
Niku-no-Tomon Whole roasted Kobe beef (Tambasasayama beef), meat-wrapped rice balls
AGRI HEALTHY FOOD Supreme Tambasasayama rice ball, pork miso soup
Matsukazeya New Dekansho Bento “Black Soybean Rice”, Black soybean rice, Nagoya Cochin chicken rice
tanoshic resort Nishikiso Mackerel sushi stick (Bo-sushi) produced by the shop in business for 50 years, traditional Japanese style omelet roll sandwich
Black soybean sweets & cafe sasarai Sakura mochi pudding

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If you purchase a product (regardless of price) at a Saku Bali Eats participating store or at the Spring Taste Festival venue, you will receive one lottery ticket per person. (e.g. 8 tickets if 4 people visit 2 stores)

There are approximately 200 prizes including:
– Two day-trip hot spring tickets
– Marbled Tambasasayama beef steak
– Tempur-Pedic pillow
– 1,000 yen value Tosho Card (a pre-paid card for purchasing books)
– Tamba ware
– Assorted Japanese and Western sweets
– and more! We have many products available.

We will also hand out a map of cherry blossom viewing spots in Tambasasayama City. We recommend you rent a bicycle and visit some secret cherry blossom viewing spots, or bring along a bento box you purchased at the festival venue. (We are trying to spread visitors out over a wide area starting from the festival venue.)

During the Sakura Festival, shops other than the “Haru-no-Ajimatsuri” venue will have limited-time products and special benefits (reservations are recommended as it gets very crowded), so be sure to check them out! Please enjoy them not only at the event venue but throughout the city.

 bicycle rental 97Kitashinmachi, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo

Instagram Photo Contest from March 23rd to April 26th

We are looking for wonderful spring photos of Tambasasayama. Even if it’s not a photo of cherry blossoms, any photo that gives you a sense of spring is fine! It would be even better if it had “Tambasasayama-uniqueness.” The tourism association will deliver a nice gift to the 5 people who submit wonderful photos ♫

Theme: “Spring in Tambasasayama”

①Follow “Tambasasayama City Tourism Association Official Account” ( @tb_sasayama ) on Instagram
② Take attractive spring photos in Tambasasayama City
③ “ #丹波篠山さくらまつり写真 ” and “ #春の丹波篠山 ” Post with the hashtag
④ Application is completed ♫






Spring breeze and Sakura Bonbori (Japanese paper lanterns) from March 23rd to April 14th

The “Sakura Bonbori” will be hoisted and lit to brighten up the cherry blossoms around the Sasayama Castle ruins, which have been cherished and maintained through the hard work of local people. Organized by Tambasasayama City Chamber of Commerce and Industry

When the lanterns are lit, the Oshoin which is the symbol of Sasayama Castle, will also be lit up. Organized by With Sasayama





30th Tambasasayama Cherry Blossom Bonsai Exhibition from March 30th to April 5th

Castle Oshoin, a symbol of Tambasasayama City. Please enjoy a moment of healing as you feel the artist’s thoughts, the story behind the cherry blossoms, and the beauty and fragrance of each flower.

[Event Overview]
9:00am – 5:00pm (Last admission 4:30pm) *Will be open on Monday, April 1st.

Admission fee: 400 yen for adults, 200 yen for university and high school students, 100 yen for junior high and elementary school students
Inquiries: Sasayama Castle Oshoin +81-79-552-4500





Tambasasayama sightseeing rowboat from March 23rd to May 26th

How about a new experience of looking at the Sasayama Castle ruins and Oshoin from the moat? We rent out rowboats at Kitahori (North moat). Enjoy a nostalgic date for married couples as well as new couples! Have fun with your parents, children, and friends! This is a spot where you can enjoy Tambasasayama spring.

Business hours: 10:00am-4:00pm (last reception time 3:30pm)
Business days: Please check the business calendar. *Will be closed when it rains
Fee: 500 yen (30 minutes, up to 3 people)
Location: Sasayama Castle Ruins Kitahori (There is a boat dock along the road south of Denen Symphony Hall)

Tourism Exchange Division, Commerce, Industry, and Tourism Section, Tambasasayama City

Telephone: +81-79-552-1111 (Main line)
General Incorporated Association With Sasayama   Telephone: +81-79-552-7373





Ohanami Mayor’s Office from March 29th to early April

The Mayor’s Office in Tambasasayama City Hall will be open to the public to coincide with the blooming of the cherry blossoms at the Sasayama Castle Ruins. Please come and enjoy the panoramic view of the castle’s cherry blossoms. Opening hours are from 10:00am to 4:00pm. It is also open on Saturdays and Sundays.

・Advanced reservation is not required.
・You can stay in the room for approximately 10 minutes.





Eating and drinking are allowed at Sasayama Castle Ninomaru Garden from March 20th to April 14th

You can spend a fun time while appreciating the cherry blossoms and the castle with your family.

・Alcohol and smoking are prohibited
・Open flames are strictly prohibited
・Please take your trash home with you.
・Please refrain from any other acts of nuisance.
・Eating and drinking are not allowed in the castle tower or Aoyama Shrine.


Click here for cherry blossom spots in the city





Basic  information

Postal code 〒669-2332
Address Kitashinmachi, Tambasasayama City, Hyogo
Phone number +81-79-506-1535
Parking Please use the nearby municipal parking lots for the Spring Taste Festival.(“Haru-no-Ajimatsuri”
Access (train/bus) From the west exit of JR Takarazuka Line “Sasayamaguchi Station”, get on the Wing Shinki Bus bound for “Sasayama Eigyousho” (a 15-minute ride), get off at “Nikaimachi” and walk for 3 minutes.
Access (car) Approximately 10 minutes to the east from Tannan-Sasayamaguchi Exit on the Maizuru-Wakasa highway.


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