Spring Sakura special feature

The spring tradition ‘Sakura’, which has been loved by men and women of all ages since ancient times.
The lovely and ephemeral cherry blossoms inform us of the arrival of spring and convey a calm feeling.
Did you know that such cherry blossoms have many faces depending on the place and time of viewing?

Today, we would like to introduce you the beautiful cherry blossoms in Tambasasayama.

Please check the official Twitter of the Tambasasayama Tourism Association (Japanese) for the latest flowering status .

Cherry Blossom Spots in Hyogo Prefecture! Beautiful cherry blossoms reflected in the moat [Sasayama Castle Ruins]









Tambasasayama Sakura Week 2022


1. Site of Sasayama Castle

It is a popular tourist spot where you can enjoy the Sasayama Castle Ruins, the tourist attraction that represents Tambasasayama, and about 1000 Somei Yoshino cherry trees at the same time.

The cherry blossoms are lit up every night during the flowering season. That is a magical view for you to see.


2. Weeping cherry blossoms at Sasayama Castle (Sannomaru Nishi Parking Lot)

In the parking lot at the foot of Oshoin, there is a weeping cherry tree that spreads its branches.
The many hanging branches with flowers are like the curtain of cherry blossoms.
It is different from Somei Yoshino, yet such a lovely view in its own way.


3. Around Sasayama Castle

During the flowering season, the area around Sasayama Castle is decorated with many Somei Yoshino cherry trees.
The bonboris(paper lanterns) that are lit at night will invite you to a fantastic space with the cherry blossoms.


4. Ojiyama Park

Ojiyama, a small hill is located in the east of the Sasayama Castle site.
The road colored by cherry blossoms is perfect for a walk.
How about enjoying a happy walk with your loved one?

5. Kasuga Shrine

At the time of construction(1861), the Noh stage of Kasuga Shrine was said to be the most magnificent in the west of Hakone.
Noh play is performed during the cherry blossom time every year.
The appearance of the cherry blossoms is as breathtakingly beautiful as Noh’s overwhelming performance.

6. Sasayama River

Countless rows of cherry blossom trees line up on both sides of the Sasayama River heading to the castle.
The cherry blossom tunnel that runs along the river is like an entrance to a dream world.
Cycling through the tunnel is also a recommended experience. (Arii, Tamba-Sasayama City)

Miyata River (To Nishiki area)

The densely planted rows of Somei Yoshino cherry tree are just amazing.
The riverside road, which is not accessible by car, is ideal for a leisure stroll.
Forget about your busy life and spend relaxing time on your own.

8. In front of Sasayama Industrial High School

A tree-lined road of Somei Yoshino trees bloom at the time of the entrance ceremony.
The spectacular cherry blossom petals celebrate the freshmen.

9. Okamezakura (Oyama area) Mid-March


Okameakura is a type of cherry tree, which blooms pretty little flowers in a deep pink color.
The beautiful layer of pale pink Somei Yoshino blossoms and dark pink Okamezakura trees attract walkers eyes.
During the flowering season, it looks as if the pink clouds are floating in the rural landscape.


10. Hannyaji Temple

There is a cherry tree at Hannyaji Temple, which is said to be 100 years old.
Many photographers come to capture the majestic view.

Regardless the kind of landscape, Sakura changes the scenery to the spring color and gives healing and deep emotion to each viewer.
What kind of cherry blossoms do you enjoy this year?

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