Enjoy your home time♬ List of bread and sweets shops

Enjoying your time at home♪ Bread and sweets that you can enjoy at home

Tambasasayama has a lot of delicious foodstuffs♬
Introducing bread and sweets from shops that you can later enjoy at home!

[J]…Japanese sweets [W]…Western sweets [B]…Bread


 store name  address  telephone number  remarks
Daifukudo Main Store 121-1 Kitashinmachi, Tambasasayama City 0120-010453
[J] Tamamizu
Odagaki shoten 9 Tatsumachi

Tambasasayama City

+81-79-552-0011 [Beans] Shibori beans*

*A black soybean confectionary made from dried, sweetened beans

Patisserie M’s Passion 264-1Sugi, Tambasasayama City, +81-79-558-7111 [W] Cakes
Konishi Bread 23 Uoyamachi, Tamba sasayama City +81-79-552-0052 [B] Black soybean bread
Baikakudo 78-1 Tatsumachi Tambasasayama City +81-79-552-1311 [J/W] Chestnut Kinton (Sweet potato with chestnuts) , Sasayama Tart, Mikasa
Kaseido 59 Inui Shinmachi, Tambasasayama City +81-79-552-0314 [J] Chestnut Yokan
Einkorn 44-1 Gofukumachi, Tambasasayama City +81-79-552-3377 [B] The Original black soybean bread, Tamba chestnut anpan
Taisho Roman Hall 97 Kitashinmachi, Tambasasayama City +81-79-552-6668 [J/W] Black soybean ice cream
Tambasasayama Hyakkeikan   58-2 Nikaimachi, Tamba sasayama City +81-79-552-5555 [J/W] Black soybean ice cream
Handmade cake shop Alice 23-19 Sumiyoshidai, Tambasasayama City +81-79-594-3963 [W] Black soybean pudding
Suwaen Inter store 164-2 Aza Santancho, Sugi,Tambasasayama City +81-79-594-2226 [J/W] Strawberry daifuku, chestnut pie, etc.
Suwaen Main Store 1463 Ajimaoku, Tamba Sasayama City +81-79-594-0855 [J/W] Strawberry daifuku, chestnut rice cakes, etc.
Suwaen Sasayama Store 39 Nikaimachi, Tamba sasayama City +81-79-552-6308 [J/W] Strawberry daifuku, chestnut rice cakes, etc.
sweets shop Mamebatake 52 Kawakita Shinden, Tambasasayama City +81-79-593-1552 [W] Kawakita rolls, cheesecakes
Souvenir shop Morimoto 206 Kawaramachi, Tamba sasayama City +81-79-552-4792 [J] Roasted chestnuts
Okashi-no-Sato (Sweets Village) Tamba 416 Higashibuki, Tamba sasayama City +81-79-590-2133 [J/W] Mitarashi dango, Kintsuba
Yukioka Ichirobe Western Confectionery Shop 15 Uoyamachi, Tamba sasayama City +81-79-558-7686 [W] Cheesecakes
Seimeido 59 Nikaimachi, Tamba Sasayama City +81-79-552-0159 [J] Chestnut steamed bun, chestnut rice cakes, chestnut Ohagi*
*Rice balls coated with sweetened beans, soybean powder, etc.

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